The abbreviation AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and refers to the concept of machines that think in a human-like way. That is, machines have been programmed to argue, plan and learn and understand language. AI is driven by machine learning.

This technology is designed to get more and more out of Artificial Intelligence over time. The goal of AI is to simplify people's everyday lives, take on tasks and increase overall productivity. Already today we find the use of AI in many areas of life: speech recognition softwares such as Siri or Alexa or self-learning algorithms for product recommendation in e-commerce have already been used by most people.

Markenkommunikation die ankommt. Zentral gesteuert, lokal realisiert. Local Brand X Marketingportal

Local Brand X is one of the leading providers of brand and marketingportals. In the development We rely on standardized system and advertising media modules that flexibly meet customer requirements. In this way we support decentralized organized companies to optimize their marketing processes.


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