The abbreviation HTTP hides the English term Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is therefore a protocol that is created for text transmission. To access HTML files, a browser connection must be made via a server. HTTP serves to transfer the HTML file. This happens among other things when calling and loading a website. The HTTP protocol records both the requests and the reactions of the website.

The requests of a client are recorded as requests in the HTTP, the responses of the server as responses. In addition to this information, HTTP also contains metadata about the communication and the actual content of the website. Only through the HTTP is a data transfer between different networks possible. The contents to be displayed can be optimally formatted by HTTP. Only the protocol makes it possible to retrieve websites in a browser. That's why the letter combination also stands in the address bar of a browser in front of the domain. If a user enters a domain in the address bar of a browser, the client makes a request to the web server. In return, the client receives a three-digit status code that indicates whether the request was successful. If this is the case, the letters HTTP are found in the address bar.

If there was an error in the request, an error message is played. The common status code of error messages is 404. Communication over HTTP is unprotected. To counteract this, there is another standard that adds one letter to the HTTP. HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure and prevents, through encryption processes, that the transmitted data can be viewed by third parties.

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