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Glossary – GUI

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The abbreviation GUI stands for Graphical User Interface and translates as graphical user interface. This is intended to facilitate the operation of computers and was thus a big step as computers became accessible to the general public in the course of digitization. The GUI is an essential part of the operation of software and belongs to the operating system. The main thing about a GUI is to provide the users with a clear user interface in which graphical controls are integrated.

These controls are usually displayed as icons that convey as self-explanatory as possible to the user what they are good for. These icons can be found among other things to facilitate navigation between programs on the desktop of a computer. You can display folders or hard drives, internet browsers or programs. The clear design of a GUI, for example, drag-and-drop files from one folder to another to be moved. But GUIs can be found not only on computers, but also on smartphones. Behind unmistakable icons, often in the form of company logos, are apps. A simple click on the Facebook icon, you can already use the service.

These graphical elements make it possible for non-expert users to intuitively navigate the device. GUIs have established themselves as the international standard. This makes it easy in times of globalization to use foreign apps without any problems. In the future, the GUI will be developed in different directions: in the VUI, the Voice User Interface, users navigate through voice instructions, in the Natural User Interface the interactivity of the user interface is increased by the inclusion of movements and speech and in the Conversational CUI User Interface, users can interact with their device.