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In a Brand Portal all relevant information regarding a brand is collected. In addition to style guides, picture and video material, color worlds, typography and texts, users can find comprehensive information regarding the corporate identity of a brand. The information is bundled on a central online platform, which can be accessed both within the company and by service providers and agencies. A brand portal goes beyond the previous information of a style guide. The existing information will be integrated into the Brand Portal and can thus continue to be used. The brand portal ensures that timeliness, liability and availability of brand-relevant information are guaranteed at all times and regardless of location.

This is particularly advantageous if a company has many different branches, offers franchises or is internationally positioned. Brand portals strengthen the unified perception of the brand in question and increase the potential for identification and brand loyalty of customers, employees, service providers and even future applicants. Brand Portals can be tailored to a wide variety of user needs and application scenarios. A strong involvement of those who later work with the Brand Portal will lead to a comprehensive demand inquiry and optimal adaptations of the Brand Portal so that it is tailored precisely to the needs of the company. This makes a brand portal a powerful marketing tool that supports the brand and ensures a consistent perception. It makes successful branding possible and can cover diverse areas from corporate strategies to corporate communications, design and identity.

Markenkommunikation die ankommt. Zentral gesteuert, lokal realisiert. Local Brand X Marketingportal

Local Brand X is one of the leading providers of brand and marketingportals. In the development We rely on standardized system and advertising media modules that flexibly meet customer requirements. In this way we support decentralized organized companies to optimize their marketing processes.


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