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Use the Local Marketing Platform to simplify your partner* marketing. Provide partners with marketing materials, plan company-wide campaigns and analyze local marketing activities directly in the system.

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The Local Marketing Platform supports you in your marketing challenges

When working with a local partner* network or an indirect sales model, there are often challenges, especially when it comes to planning and implementing company-wide marketing. The marketing content and campaigns are planned by you in the central marketing department, but should be carried out and published by the local partners.

In order to use this two-part process and the division of tasks and resources as effectively as possible, a fully automated creation and production process helps, which should not only save time but also costs. The indirect dependence on the partners also means that it is of particular importance to motivate the partners to do local marketing and to reach and address them directly. A successful “rollout” of the marketing strategy can only take place if the partners are familiar with the marketing measures and opportunities and are easy to implement.

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Local Brand X helps you solve the biggest challenges in partner* marketing

Efficient marketing with the partners

Efficient marketing with the partners

By using editable templates for marketing measures and the direct connection to service providers, such as printing companies, the creation process of the marketing measures can be significantly accelerated. The partners can customize and design their own marketing measures and the central marketing department has more time for planning, designing and evaluating marketing activities.


Joint campaign implementation and uniform corporate design

Joint campaign implementation and uniform corporate design

In addition to simpler and more efficient implementation, the templates also ensure that the corporate design requirements are adhered to in all local marketing activities. The templates are designed in such a way that the partners can adapt their content and images, but logos, fonts and colors always remain uniform and, if desired, cannot be edited.


Efficient marketing analysis and evaluation

Efficient marketing analysis and evaluation

The internal analysis area of the Local Marketing Platform allows the central marketing department to get an easy and direct overview of the partners' marketing activities. The evaluations and charts can be used to analyze the local marketing and use the results for future planning.


Reach partners directly and motivate them to do marketing

Reach partners directly and motivate them to do marketing

The integrated news platform allows you to contact your partners directly and inform them about new campaigns or marketing measures. By awarding advertising subsidies, the partners can also be motivated to carry out measures.


4 reasons for the Local Marketing Platform

1. The All in On Solution

Marketing managers like to opt for the Local Brand X Local Marketing Platform, as it combines many software solutions. In addition to classic web-to-print functionalities, a DAM and inventory management system, budget and marketing plans and brand guides can also be shared via the platform, advertising subsidies awarded and messages sent. The Local Marketing Platform thus offers a complete solution for the challenges in marketing.

2. Integration of all service providers

Regardless of which agencies, printing companies or service providers you work with, the Local Marketing Platform is compatible with it. Marketing managers appreciate the open system architecture, which allows them to incorporate their own service provider network into the new software and to continue long-term partnerships. In this way, the platform can be used and implemented as individually as possible and according to your own preferences.

3. Cross-media marketing management

Another reason for using the Local Marketing Platform is the implementation of a cross-media marketing strategy. The platform enables all those responsible for marketing to implement a wide variety of marketing forms in a simple and straightforward manner. Whether video, online, social media or print marketing - all measures can be provided as templates and booked or ordered directly by the local partners.

4. Strengthening the brand image

Through the uniform use of the platform by the local partners, approved and uniform marketing measures are published at all locations. In this way, a coherent corporate design and a uniform brand image can be conveyed to the outside world. The joint and supra-regional marketing campaigns have a greater impact on awareness than individual local campaigns. So the brand image is strengthened in the long term through the actions of the partners.

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The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.
Sandra Franz

Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

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With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.
Björn Schultheiss

Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

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By using the Local Marketing Platform, we can save enormous amounts of time and money in the creation and production of marketing measures. In addition, we have a holistic overview of all orders from our corporate divisions.
Susanne Geyer

Susanne Geyer

IT Project Manager

Frequently asked questions

The Local Marketing Platform can be ideally integrated into your existing IT system. Due to the open system structure, the software solutions you have already used (such as a CRM system or a media database) can be connected to the Local Marketing Platform using interfaces. The partners on the platform can then access the data from the other systems and use them directly. You can also connect and retain your previously used service providers (e.g. printing companies). However, if you have not yet found the right service provider for you, you can fall back on our service provider portfolio.

The changeover and the use of a new platform always require a certain amount of work at the beginning. Take your partners with you right from the start and train them to use the Local Marketing Platform. Due to the simple and user-friendly structure, your partners can quickly use the system independently and start carrying out the marketing. To further motivate the partners, you can provide free articles (such as newsletters or social media posts) and distribute advertising subsidies. The Local Brand X team will be happy to assist you at any time.

The Local Marketing Platform offers the opportunity to enable versatile cross-media marketing. We offer forms of advertising in the areas of print, online, social media and video marketing. However, the individual advertising measures are constantly being expanded. Take a look at the scope of our system solution here: www.local-brand-x.com/en/products/local-marketing-platform/

The creation of the templates can be done by the marketing team. Alternatively, our template designers build master templates for you according to your wishes and ideas. These serve you as a basic and template to ultimately create the specific templates for the individual advertising measures. We are still happy to assist you with technical problems and implementation.

In addition to marketing measures, the Local Marketing Platform also offers the option of analyzing and evaluating the activities of your partners in the integrated analysis area. As an administrator, you can see all the orders and activities that your partners have carried out. With ready-made dashboards, you can quickly get an overview of the current local marketing and base your planning and strategy on it.

By purchasing the Local Marketing Platform, Local Brand X gives you a personal contact who will support you during the entire contract period in the implementation, introduction and subsequent use of the Local Marketing Platform. Regular jour fixe appointments give you the opportunity to discuss any questions or challenges and then receive a recommendation for action.