Explain with moving pictures

Whether you want to support your partners in the presentation of new products, their own branch or current promotions. With explanatory videos, you can easily visualize any complex topic and make it more tangible to customers with colorful images and graphics.

explenatory videos in the marketingportal
Create explanatory videos and book via the marketing portal

Use videos as background music

An explanatory video can stand alone, for example on the website or in the current newsletter. In most cases, however, it offers the ideal complement to explanations that are made in personal conversation. For example, an explanatory video can be used at a trade fair stand where information about a specific product range is provided. The customers and interested parties at the stand will get to see the heard again in the video and understand the connections even better.

In addition, these videos provide an additional eye-catcher on the website or in the shop window to stand out even better from the crowd. In contrast to pure image films, in the explanatory videos not only the atmosphere, but also the content should be in the foreground. This allows customers to experience real added value.


  • Alone or as a supplement
  • Consolidating the information
  • Attract attention
  • Visualization of products requiring explanation


Flexibility with the marketing portal

Flexible use

Whether in the store, at a fair or even online.Explanation videos can be used wherever customers should receive information.

Simple illustration with the marketing portal

Explain difficult facts

In a video, more complex issues and products can be presented more vividly and simply than in brochures or texts.

Creative presentation with the marketing portal

Explain difficult facts

In a video, more complex issues and products can be more vividly and simply than in brochures or texts.

Proven to keep in mind with the marketing portal

To keep in mind

As shown, customers can clearly remember moving pictures much better than read information.Explanatory videos thus serve as a reminder.

How it works: Personalize and create explanatory films

1. Select explanatory video

Your partners first decide on a pre-produced explanatory video.


2. Edit explanatory video

Through the integration of personal data and content, through intro or outro, the advertising film can be expanded as individually as possible and adapted to the needs of the partner.c


3. Download explanatory video

If the content satisfies your partner, he can directly download the video and use it for the next marketing actions.


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