Use digital signage to target your own advertising space

The shop window and the point-of-sale (POS) are the physical figureheads of the location and thus of the entire company. The correct use of digital advertising space makes this platform particularly effective and impressive to use. Digital signage allows the simple use of these monitors and advertising space.

digital signage in the marketingportal
Digital signage for digital advertising space in the marketing portal

The digital reformation at the point of sale

Modern shops and shop windows no longer use only objects and posters to attract attention. Especially digital offers such as displays, screens and larger screens stand out from the competition and the usual experiences. Due to the technical possibilities not only picture and text can be displayed here, but also videos and sound elements as well as the interactive exchange with the customers is possible here.

Digital signage provides the opportunity to control all digital advertising space and distribute content with a connected content management system. Especially in decentralized companies, digital signage can be used by the marketing center as well as by local partners, in order to present uniform but nevertheless individually adapted content to the target group.


  • Use digital advertising space
  • Central control through content management system
  • Individual uses
  • Playout of campaigns in the locations


Advantages of Digital Signage via the marketing portal

Crossmedia advertising at the POS

Digital billboards enable the integration of a variety of media such as pictures, videos and even audio in the point of sale.

Advantages of Digital Signage via the marketing portal

Attract attention

Due to the changing advertising, more attention and interest in passers-by and customers can be aroused, than through classic print advertising.

Digital signage in the marketing management system

Central control of all devices

The content management system enables all monitors, screens and displays to be centrally recorded and accessed.

Digital signage in the marketing management system

Cooperation of headquarters and locations

The individual media can be recorded by digital signage from both the head office and the partners.This results in a perfect marketing mix of national and local priorities.

How it works: Individual Content for Digital Signage

1. Select Media Form

Your partners select the media form (presentation, video, etc.) that will appear later on the monitors.


2. Individualize contents

The template can be supplemented with personal data and individual content.


3. Publish directly

With just a few clicks, the advertising can be finalized and published on the digital advertising space.


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