Use advertising films in local marketing

With your own advertising film, it can be ideal to refer to your local offers and products. Through personalization, through local sales partners, the target group approach and product selection can be selected individually. These short films can be ideally integrated into the marketing routine.

commercials via the marketingportal
Advertising film creation and booking in the marketing portal

Convince with moving image

By showing the videos at trade fairs, on-site business premises or even in the local cinema, you are sure to attract attention. Moving images and sound are much better memorized by the customer than printed text on displays and brochures. In addition, the prominent placement offers another eyecatcher at their stand or in the shop window and can thus attract more potential customers.

Selecting Details and Actions allows your partners to create a highly customized version of the commercial for their audience. This leads to the greatest possible success potential of the film. The additional spread across local cinemas leads to a very large audience, which is not distracted by other impressions and completely focused on your commercials.


  • Versatile
  • Room for details
  • Individual for the local target group
  • High acceptance by moving image


Advertising Filmmaking in the marketing portal

To keep in mind

The combination of image and sound makes it possible for customers to stay particularly concise in memory.

Attract attention via the marketing portal

Attract attention

Showing the commercial at an event or trade fair will increase the awareness of potential customers.

Flexibility with the marketing portal

Flexible use

There are no limits to the use of advertising films: at events, trade fairs, at the point of sale, in the cinema or even online.

Precise target group determination via the marketing portal

Target group specific customizable

The content as well as the direct approach can be individually adapted for the respective local target group and thus has a stronger impact on the customers.

Here's how it works: Create and personalize a commercial

1. Select advertising film

Your partners first decide on a commercial and what length it should have at the end.


2. Edit advertising film

By integrating personal data and content, the advertising film can be designed as individually as possible.


3. Download advertising film

If the content satisfies your partner, he can directly download the movie and use it for the next marketing action. Alternatively, he books the commercial directly in the cinema.


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