Establish direct contact with customers on social media

The direct exchange with customers is not only important in personal communication. As a result of digitization and the growing importance of social media, they also offer companies a successful exchange platform with their customers. By publishing posts, news can be disseminated and called up for discussion.

Social media advertising via the marketingportal
Social Media Postings via the marketing portal

For each goal the right channel

When using social media, there are hardly any limits to the various channels. Depending on the target group, product or communication target, you can choose between different platforms and find the right one for the local company or the current action.

Through visual communication on Instagram or video distribution on YouTube, these platforms offer the opportunity to be particularly emotional and to stay in touch with the images. Twitter, on the other hand, is a classic channel in which, above all, the exchange with customers, stakeholders and competitors is sought, in order to position itself on an important topic for the company. Facebook also offers this opportunity for discourse, due to the high number of members and the versatile contributions, but it can also be used for the publication of text, image and video and is therefore an all-round talent for almost every company.


  • Flexible use
  • Target group specific selection
  • Direct contact and exchange with customers
  • High audience reach


Social media posts in the marketing portal

Build proximity to the customers

Through informal communication on social media, the contributions of companies merge with those of friends.Thus, distance is reduced.

Direct feedback in the marketing portal

Reciprocal communication

The direct exchange and the opportunity to give feedback or to ask questions helps to reduce prejudices and to be closer to the customer.

Create information flow through the marketing portal

Integrated in the customers' day

Social media are mostly used in leisure time in a private context.By integrating contributions, companies can also create this flow of information.

Generate added value via the marketing portal

Add value

Customers follow the pages of companies out of conviction or to gain added value there.By uploading interesting topics, more potential customers can be reached.

This is how it works: The way to the post on social media

1. Choose your network

Your partners choose Netzwerk, where he wants to publish the post.



2. Select contribution type

Video, text or just a picture. Your partners then select the appropriate entry type, individually for your campaign.


3. Create a post and publish it directly

The post will be filled with the desired content and automatically published via the linked account.


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