Directly on the smartphone of customers with ads on social media

Social media are becoming increasingly popular among the population. It has long been difficult to meet only the young age groups here. By choosing the right target group and the platform, the right people can be addressed at the right time to run effective online marketing.

Social media ads in the marketingprotal
Social media posting in the marketing portal

Ideal use for every target group

The high level of public participation makes social media an ideal place to reach a multitude of people. The possibility to use different networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube makes it possible to always reach the right people. To make ads on social media particularly effective, they offer a very specific targeting. Targeting is the selection of the target group, which can be selected according to age group, interests and geographical locations. As a result, you always reach the right people at the local level.

By using the portal, the ads can also be used without prior knowledge and strategic knowledge. You will receive the best possible strategy at a pre-selected fixed price.


  • High range
  • Target group specific targeting
  • Easy to use
  • Easy evaluation of campaigns


Evaluation of success in the marketing portal

Unique evaluations

The use of social media ads also provides a direct evaluation of the success from which new insights for the next campaign can be drawn.

Hardly any wastage with the marketing portal

Hardly any wastage

Due to the clear limitation and selection of the target group, a special target group-specific targeting can be made, which hardly allows any wastage.

Selection of the platform via the marketing portal

Different channels

The choice of different social media offers the opportunity to find the right platform for each campaign.

Easy operation in the marketing portal

No prior knowledge needed

Even without prior knowledge of social media and ad serving, packages can serve as an ideal placement ad.

This is how it works: The right ad on social media

1. Select display

Whether S, M or L. Depending on your budget, your partners can choose pacts that have an ideal duration and reach.


2. Edit ad

Die Anzeigen können anschließend mit persönlichen Kontaktdaten ergänzt oder inhaltlich bearbeitet werden.


3. Publish ad

After successful publication, an evaluation can be accessed directly that measures the success of the ad.


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