Partner* Activation

Activate and empower your partners with a unified marketing platform for easy local marketing Increase partner* engagement at the local level by providing marketing campaigns and financial support to partners.

Local Brand X Requirement for partner activation

Marketing recommendations

Campaign pages allow you to explain to your partners the purpose of individual campaigns. By providing a wide variety of campaigns, your partners can independently choose which campaign best suits their personal situation. Your partners can also receive individual advice via personal contact (via chat or telephone).

Affiliate Activation - Marketing Recommendations
Partner activation - Advertising allowance

Advertising cost subsidy

Empower your partners not only by providing them with marketing activities, but also support them with advertising cost subsidies and discounts. Make it even easier for your partners to directly implement and roll out the campaigns you create - the more attractive your campaigns and measures are for your partners, the higher the level of commitment.


Your partners know best what local requirements their customers have and how to best reach them. Provide your partners with a wide range of CI-compliant promotional materials from which they can choose. This gives your partners flexibility at all times and allows them to react quickly to changes in the market.


Partner activation - Self service
Portrait Sandra Maas Web-to-Print System Logo HanseMerkur Web-to-Print System

The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself as a marketing center for our more than 2,000 insurance agents. The system allows us to centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.

Sandra Franz, Advertising Manager / Department Marketing Hansemerkur

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