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With unique and unique business equipment, you are making a significant impact on the first impression your local customers are having. With business cards, envelopes or calendars that are personalized to their local partners, they can integrate the office equipment into their daily work.

Selling products in the marketingportal
[Translate to eng:] Verkaufsprodukte Beispiel Flyer Plakat Visitenkarte

The information to the customer is

Due to the different elaborations of sales products they are suitable for all imaginable applications. Flyers and brochures can summarize the information from a personal sales pitch. These products can be given to the customer home as a stand-alone or reminder support. Through the combination of text, image and graphics, content is presented clearly and simply.

On the other hand, posters and advertisements serve as a magnet for attention. These can be used to point out a specific product or action at a glance. In general, the sales products can be used in almost any location. However, they are particularly helpful at the point of sale, at trade fair stands and customer appointments. In these situations, they support personal advice and provide additional sources of information for the customer.


  • Combination of text, image and graphics
  • Versatile uses
  • Summary of information
  • Many sales products for different requirements


Perfekte Geschäftsaustattung mit dem Marketingportal

Flexible use

Sales products can be left alone as information carriers, but can also be worn in conjunction with presentations or conversations with the customer.

[Translate to eng:] Professionelle Geschäftsaustattung mit dem Marketingportal

Depending on the situation

By simply creating such classic "web-to-print" media, sales products can also be printed and distributed for current events.

[Translate to eng:] Einheitliche Geschäftsaustattung mit dem Marketingportal

Visually striking

Integrating images or eye-catching graphics can draw extra attention to products and actions, leading to more customers.

[Translate to eng:] Einzigartige Geschäftsaustattung mit dem Marketingportal

Reminder factor

By using the sales products in different locations, they always come across the customer and thus remain particularly memorable.

How it works: Create individual sales products

1. Select product

No matter if your partner has chosen a flyer, brochures, posters or the classic print advertisement. In the system you will find the right product for every occasion.


2. Individualize the product

Your partners complete the template with your personal details and content in order to use them particularly well in local marketing.


3. Order products directly

By completing the artwork, your partners order the product directly to the store where it is ready for use.


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