To carry your own message into the world with promotional products

Pens, pads, cups, pen drives and more. The selection of promotional items is almost unlimited and continues to evolve. And no matter if the customer ends up with something practical and suitable for everyday use or rather an innovative and unusual piece in his hands, he will definitely take your message home with you.

Productional items in the marketingportal
Example promotional items from the marketing portal

Individual reminder for every company

Customers who go to their partners in the local branches usually get home contracts, flyers or brochures of the current offers. All these documents are important and serve as a source of information about the contract, the offer or the possible business. But nevertheless, the advertising materials are often no longer viewed or used by the customer at home. It's different with the right promotional items. They are ideally tailored to the branch and give the customer a chance to remember the company in everyday life.

There are hardly any limits to the selection. Accompany the local customers with their morning coffee with a printed cup, help save and transfer data with their own USB stick or write the daily shopping list with the classic pen. The right promotional item carries the company into the everyday life of the customer.

  • Useful for everyday life
  • Memory object
  • Numerous possibilities
  • Small investments


Target group specific articles in the marketing portal

Target group specific articles

Whether for the craftsman or the office worker, the selection of promotional items is so varied that there is something for every target group.

Convince with the marketing portal

To keep in mind

Convince the customer not only in a personal conversation.Many small everyday objects make the company present in the lives of its customers.

Small everyday helpers in the marketing portal

Small everyday helpers

Particularly popular are promotional items that bring the customer real added value.The new pen for emergencies or the power bank in the next vacation will make life easier.

Special attention in local marketing

Special attention

If customers get a slightly larger giveaway that is higher quality, they feel valued as customers and have a better idea of the business.


How it works: Find the right promotional products

1. Select promotional item

Your partners choose the right advertising material for the desired target group.


2. Edit promotional items

A consistent picture emerges when the corporate identity moves through all the products. Partners can optionally add their personal contact information.


3. Order promotional items

With a click, the personalized article is ordered and can then be distributed to the local clientele.


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