The business equipment - The figurehead of your branches

With unique and unique business equipment, you are making a significant impact on the first impression your local customers are having. With business cards, envelopes and blocks or calendars that are personalized to your local partners, they can integrate the office equipment perfectly into their daily work.

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Convince with the business equipment right from the start

As with personal contacts, the first impression also counts in the business context. As soon as a customer steps in the door, he intuitively makes his judgment about your local partner. The right office equipment can help to sustainably influence this image in a positive way and to remind him of this positive experience in hindsight.

Often it's the little things that stay in the customer's memory. Be it the pleasant office design in which the first conversation took place, or the personalized envelope, in which the documents with the right branding carry the company outward. Even individually printed calendars, blocks or classic business cards offer the opportunity to give the customer a souvenir to take home.

  • Unanimous, convincing first impression
  • Memory of a positive customer experience
  • Recognizable value through personalized office supplies
  • Consistent brand appearance


Perfect business equipment with the marketing portal

Prove professionalism

With the personalized office utensils such as folders, business cards or notebooks, the customers of your partners can directly gain insight into the professionalism of your brand.

Professional business equipment with the marketing portal

To keep in mind

No matter if the printed envelopes and papers or the calendar your partners distribute to the customers, with your logo you stay in the company as a company.

Uniform business equipment with the marketing portal

To convey a uniform picture

Through a uniform corporate design, which runs through the complete business equipment, a coherent and professional image is immediately conveyed.

Unique business equipment with the marketing portal

Combination of branding and advertising.

The business equipment not only offers the advantage of image communication in direct customer contact, your partners can also use equipment such as sticky notes or ballpoint pens ideally as advertising material.

Here's how it works: Create business stationery and order directly

1. Select business equipment

Your partners choose a product from CD-compliant business equipment.


2. Personalize office equipment

The Affiliate adds personal contact information or personal content, such as images, and adapts them to the product.


3. Order office equipment

With a click, the partner orders the business equipment directly from a service provider connected to the portal and can deliver the items directly.


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