Uniform corporate appearance with printed textiles

The corporate identity runs through to the last detail. With printed work clothes, promotional shirts or personalized jute bags, the uniformity and professionalism of the company is striking. For the customer, a coherent and coherent image is generated, which convinces at first glance.

Clothing and textiles in the marketingportal
Example garment from the marketing portal

Together for local marketing success

The individually printed work clothes or uniform T-shirts can promote the togetherness, the team spirit and the motivation of the employees. The right workwear is not only practical, but also convinces with a professional appearance in front of the customers. With t-shirts or shirts, a uniform image can be generated, especially at trade fairs and marketing campaigns, which has a positive effect on both employees and customers.

In addition, printed garments and textiles can be used as personal advertising materials. Jute bags provide an easy way for local customers to bring materials such as catalogs, brochures or their documents home. Ideally, however, the bags are subsequently used as a shopping bag and thus the company spreads by itself in the local environment.


  • Feeling of solidarity
  • Professional uniform appearance
  • Individual textiles with impression
  • Textiles also usable as advertising material



Promote teamwork with the marketing portal

Together to the goal

Teamwork is the biggest key to success in most professions.With the right, uniform workwear can be directly recognized who belongs to this team.

Convincingly advertise with the marketing portal

Advertise convincingly

The first impression is particularly important in personal marketing and conversation.With the right, uniform appearance can be particularly convincing at trade fairs or in business.

Advertising material in the marketing portal

Advertising material with benefits

Customers love advertising material, but especially useful items such as printed bags or towels are welcome.These can easily be integrated into everyday life in the future.

Local marketing for prominence

Increase local awareness

The use of textiles by customers leads to a much greater reach than the employees could achieve.Customers are thus the best local multipliers.

This is how it works: Personalized Clothing & Textiles

1. Select textiles

Your partners can choose t-shirts, bags or work clothes that make the most sense for their industry.


2. Edit textiles

Afterwards, the textiles can be supplemented with personal data or a logo.


3. Order textiles

By ordering the textiles, a connected service provider takes care of the production and delivers the goods within a few days.


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