Outdoor Advertising: Local marketing on the street

Especially at busy squares and at the roadside can be achieved by outdoor advertising a very large attention. The presence on billboards or city / megalights makes it particularly easy to find a way into the memory of the customers.

Out-of-Home marketing via the marketingportal
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Carry the advertising message outside

Through the clever placement of outdoor advertising, the company and the advertising messages can accompany you through the normal city life.Be it on the advertising column in front of your own door or the billboard on the way to work.

The strong presence in a regionally limited area leads above all to a higher brand awareness and a wide spreading of the messages.Especially new, regional companies can achieve a high profile in this way.However, even for current campaigns and larger campaigns, various elements of out-of-home advertising are still beneficial, even in the digital world.


  •  High presence in everyday life
  •  High presence in everyday life
  •  Achieve high brand awareness
  •  Regional selection possible


Generate attention with the marketing portal

High attention

Especially in the city, where people are always in a hurry, a lot of time is spent in places like stops.Skillful advertising in these places attracts attention.


Advantages with the marketing portal

Broad target audience

The placement on the street makes advertising for a particularly large, heterogeneous group of people accessible.So no potential prospects are overlooked.

Accurate targeting with the marketing portal

Regional targeting

Based on the selection of the location, specific target groups can be addressed at any time.Regional differences or specific quarters can thus be taken into account.

Versatility with the marketing portal

Versatile advertising options

Not only large billboards, but also advertising columns or city / megalights offer the right place for every campaign.

How it works: The right outdoor advertising

1. Select advertising campaign and locations

Your partner selects the desired ad campaign from a campaign. Subsequently, the advertising locations can be selected.


2. Individualize the advertising campaign

The CD-compliant advertising templates provided by the marketing center can then be customized and personalized directly by the partner.


3. Book advertising

After confirmation of the order, the advertising measure is automatically published by a service provider.


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