Combining tradition and modernity through digital outdoor advertising

Switching advertising in the city has been a popular marketing tool for decades. Due to the large number of people and the exact selection of seats, the exact target group can be reached. Through the connection with the digital, this type of advertising can be taken to the next level.

Digital outdoor advertising via the marketingportal
Create and book digital outdoor advertising in the marketing portal

The chameleon of the advertising world

Digital outdoor advertising offers almost all the possibilities that are also available in online advertising.Through the use of displays not only images and texts can be used (as on classic posters, but also different media can be used.) The cross-medial mix of videos, pictures and texts can attract additional attention among passers-by.

Especially in waiting areas, at train stations or stops, digital outdoor advertising can be used successfully.Here, interested parties often have enough time to receive and process the information.By changing the digital displays can also be made to adjust the time or location.This makes the target group even more concrete.


  •  Cross-media advertising opportunities
  •  Provide information
  •  Timely customizable
  •  Extensive target group selection possible


Advantages with the marketing portal

Use waiting times

The urban space offers some places where passers-by have to pass the waiting times.These are great for digital outdoor advertising.

Advantages with the marketing portal

Play on flexible

Videos, pictures, text or animations: The use of digital advertising space offers great flexibility especially for the media type.

Temporal targeting with the marketing portal

Temporal targeting

Due to the digital feed, the displays can be used flexibly in terms of time.Thus, the target group can be limited and minimize scattering losses.

Great targeting with the marketing portal

Large audience

Particularly in large cities, a skilful placement with an advertising circuit can reach a very large number of people.

This is how it works: Book Digital Outdoor Advertising

1. Select advertising campaign and locations

Your partner selects the desired ad campaign from a campaign. Subsequently, the advertising locations can be selected.


2. Individualize the advertising campaign

The CD-compliant advertising templates provided by the marketing center can then be customized and personalized directly by the partner.


3. Book advertising

After confirmation of the order, the advertising measure is automatically published by a service provider.


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