A website for the perfect online appearance

Give your local partners the opportunity to score points individually online as well. Through its own website, landing pages of the microsites also local companies can present their branch online. The template-based creation enables a uniform, company-wide presence on which all local information is provided.

Websites building with the marketingportal
Create search engine optimized pages through the marketing portal

From the website directly to the shop

Also in the local area information about contact data, the offered service or the opening times are checked more and more on search engines like Google. In this search, it is most ideal for customers to get this information first-hand through the partner's website. Subpages may optionally display further information about the partner or the services - and always in their corporate design.

Via templates, so-called templates, web pages, microsites and search engine optimized landing pages can be created. The local partners can easily fill these with their own information and content and publish them directly. Afterwards the website goes online directly in the desired corporate design. These subpages guarantee a successful and personal first impression, no matter at which location.


  • Trusting information for customers
  • Websites, microsites or landing pages
  • Optimized according to the given corporate design
  • Search engine optimized page layout and technology


Benefits of the marketing portal

Complete and verified information

Web pages bundle all the important information and can easily be reviewed and adapted directly, making them a secure source of information for customers.

Optimization online appearance with the marketing portal

Signboard of the partners

In the modern world, a successful online presence is sometimes even more important than the shop window.Are your partners talking to customers online, too?

Search engine optimization in the marketing portal

Local search engine optimization

A good ranking on Google and Co. is successful advertising for every local partner.By Landingpages can be worked on relevant topics targeted at the search engine optimization.

Uniform appearance with the marketing portal

Uniform, company-wide appearance

Despite local sales and distribution partners, it is important to see the company as a brand.Unified websites and brand image can strengthen the brand.

This is how it works: Create your own website/ microsite

1. Select template

Your partners choose the right product between websites, landing pages and microsites.


2. Integrate information

Subsequently, the given template can be filled with data, pictures and information.


3. Book and publish

By booking the product, the page goes directly online and can be used immediately.


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Flexible customization options in the marketing portal