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With the help of online banners, potential customers can also be informed on external websites about current products and offers. On the basis of concise placements and eye-catching designs, the customers are addressed and can reach the company's own website with just one click.

Online banner in the marketingportal
Create and book online banners via the marketing portal

Targeted and successful online advertising

The placement of advertisements is a classic advertising element that has already promised great success in print products.Advertisements can also be placed on online and off-site websites to alert potential customers to the company and its products and services.Compared to the printed predecessor, however, these online banners have some advantages.

In the digital marketing world of the Internet, target groups are much easier to narrow down and determine than offline.This leads to significantly lower wastage and a more effective way to operate marketing.In addition, the direct link with your own website offers the opportunity to measure success and make it as easy as possible for customers to follow the call.

  • Attract attention
  • Less wastage
  • Measuring success
  • High selection of the target group


Forwarding of the banners in the marketing portal

Direct forwarding

When using online banners, you no longer have to rely on the customer remembering the ad later.The linking allows a direct forwarding to your own website or product.

Select target groups via the marketing portal

Target group-specific design

The selection of the right websites and target groups can be ideally tailored to the target group of the ad through cookies and user profiles.

Success measurement in the marketing portal

Simple success measurement

By directly linking and recording people who have been shown the banner ad, you can directly track the success of the banner.

Advantages of online banners in the marketing portal


Banners offer an ideal opportunity to promote the company itself, various products or current promotions.They are therefore versatile.

This is how it works: attract attention with banners

1. Select banner

Your partner selects the desired banner and optionally chooses a desired format.



2. Personalize banners

Subsequently, the banner can be edited and supplemented with personal content.


3. Book and publish banners

By selecting the target group and advertising platforms, the banner is posted with just a few clicks.


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