Newsletter in local marketing

By means of e-mail newsletters, your local partners can address customers directly on site and point out innovations, promotions or special features. Due to the different uses, newsletters offer a simple and direct communication option, which reaches the recipient in a targeted manner.


E-Mail newsletters in the marketingportal
Send newsletter via the marketing portal

With the newsletter directly to the customer

Help your local partners reach their customers where they spend their time: on a computer, laptop or smartphone.With a newsletter you can make it directly into the everyday life of the customer and through the completely digital processing can save time, money and resources.Which means that the information can be carried out particularly quickly and effectively to the outside world.

Let the local contacts play!Potential customers and interested parties also volunteer to receive newsletters.Thus, the emails go directly and without wastage to the right recipients.Your partners can thus use the interest and provide interested parties with information about the local company, current promotions and products.


  • Especially inexpensive
  • Fast and direct communication with the customers
  • Low scattering losses
  • High attention



Social media posts in the marketing portal

Personalized address

Your partners enter into direct communication with the customers.With a personal approach closeness is built immediately and the customer feels directly addressed.

Direct feedback in the marketing portal

No wastage

Selecting the recipients of the newsletter individually - Thus, each partner can select the people who are important for his region.

Create information flow through the marketing portal

Cost-effective distribution to a large audience

Provide information to a large number of customers - The newsletter spreads news quickly and cost-effectively.

Generate added value via the marketing portal

Measurable success

Does that really matter?When using newsletters, you can use the system to track how successful the campaigns were at the various locations.

This is how it works: Create newsletter for your customers

1. Select newsletter

Your partner selects the desired newsletter.


2. Personalize the newsletter

Subsequently, the newsletter can be edited and supplemented with personal content.


3. Send newsletter

By selecting the recipient list, the newsletter can be sent with just a few clicks.



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