Google Ads

By leveraging Google Ads, the built-in ads in Google Search results, your partners can target advertising to potential customers. By adapting to the search queries, a very precise target group can be defined, resulting in only minimal wastage.

Google Ads via the marketingportal
Google Ads in the marketing portal

Score with the individual target group

To be at the top of Google search, you can not only successfully search engine optimization operate, even paid search results, so-called Google Ads, can help in a more incisive position. In most cases, people interested in your company's topic or products will first search Google for more information. These are the search queries that you can take advantage of and advertise specific keywords (the search terms).

In addition, the Google Ads budget can be used in a very flexible way because it only pays for ads that were actually clicked. On a smaller scale, it is therefore a successful method to attract more attention online for local providers and to address local customers directly.


  • Low scattering losses
  • Full cost control
  • Maximum attention
  • Accurate targeting


Targeting via the marketing portal

Ideal target group address

By adapting to the relevant keywords, the target group can be specified very precisely.Thus, there are hardly any wastage.

High visibility with the marketing portal

Concise position

The position in Google Search says a lot about how many people actually click on a website.Positioning in the first ranks gives you extra traffic.

Small everyday helpers in the marketing portal

Cost control

They only pay what they get. By regulating that ads are paid for clicks only, the form of advertising is particularly cost effective and promising.

Easy operation in the marketing portal

Little prior knowledge needed

Even without a great deal of SEO knowledge, using Google Ads makes it possible to achieve a particularly concise position in the search queries.

That's how it works: Advertising on Google

1. Select ad package

Your partners choose a Google Ads package that has already been delivered through the Marketing Center with keywords and audience criteria.


2. Edit ads

The ad text that customers see in the search query can be customized by the partner.


3. Book and publish advertisements

By posting the Google Ads ad, it will be published directly. An evaluation enables the partner to control the success at any time.


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