Searchable online through industry directories

Bei der Suche nach dem richtigen Geschäft oder Dienstleister suchen Kunden heutzutage fast ausschließlich im Internet oder sogar unterwegs. Durch einheitliche und gepflegte Einträge in verschiedenen Branchenverzeichnissen können Ihre Partner besser gefunden und von Neukunden erreicht werden.

industry directories in the marketingportal
Example Entry of an industry directory in the marketing portal

Convince customers and search engines

The modern customer no longer flips through the Yellow Pages at home, but usually uses a smartphone to find the shops in the area. Business listings, so-called local listings, mean that information can be accessed quickly and easily on various comparison pages. Opening hours, address and ratings can be recorded at a glance and directly lead to a decision for or against the company.

Since many of these searches are started on the go and via search engines, the information should be accessible on mobile devices and readable by search engines. Thus, directory entries are not only a simple information platform for customers, but also a way to improve search engine optimization.


  • Simply search for information
  • Uniform company data across all directories
  • Search engine optimization through backlinks
  • Findability in the target group


Compare with the marketing portal

Serve various comparison pages

Each customer has their own preferences on which business directories he looks for information.When registering on many different directories, no potential customer can be lost.

Easier findability with the marketing portal

Easier findability

With equally maintained information on the individual portals, it is particularly easy to find the important information without having to sift through the company website.

Advantages with the marketing portal

Comparability of offers and services

Directly displaying valuations makes it easier for customers to compare different service providers and businesses and make a decision.

Business directories in the marketing portal

Better ranking on Google and Co

Through the transparent indication of information, the information is also better listed by search engines, such as Google.

Here's how it works: Be Online Searchable

1. Select directories

Your partners select from a large number of directory services the appropriate ones to publish their corporate data.


2. Edit directories

The partner can then enter his contact details, address, website or opening hours to provide the customer with as much information as possible.


3. Book directories

Booking the directory entries publishes the company information directly in the directories. The evaluation allows you to retrieve the success of individual pages at any time.


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