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The Local Marketing Platform for banks

The financial sector is a highly competitive field. In addition to new, partly international players who compete for the favour of customers, the comparability of providers via the Internet has a negative effect on brand loyalty: With just a few clicks, those who are not one hundred percent satisfied switch to the competition. It is therefore not surprising that adapting to digitization is still one of the most important goals in many companies. After all, the benefits that a convincing digital presence offers ensure satisfied customers and keep them with their bank. In conjunction with the shifting of advisory meetings and transactions from the branch offices to the Internet, more and more banks are reducing the number of local branches.

At the same time, this increases the pressure on the remaining banks: only if customers feel they are receiving the best possible advice will they make the move to a bank branch. This shows how important it is to market both the branches and the digital presence as convincingly as possible, to focus on strong campaigns and to turn interested parties into long-term customers through good service and a coherent brand image. In order to be able to accomplish this in addition to their daily business, your employees need support in the realization of location-specific, customer-oriented marketing measures. By streamlining processes through Local Marketing Platforms, uniform standards can be applied and a target group-specific approach online and in the branches can be guaranteed.

Workflow with the Local Marketing Platform

Workflow with the Local Marketing Platform Banks

Advantages for banks

From the perspective of the marketing department

  • Central control and maintenance of all advertising media and measures
  • Secure compliance with the corporate design-compliant brand appearance
  • Transparency in the activities of sales partners through reporting
  • Significant cost savings through short distances and relief of the central department

From a partner*/branch perspective

  • Control of all measures via a central system
  • Flexible adaptation of advertising material templates (web-to-print)
  • Professionally personalized advertising without prior knowledge
  • Guided booking or order directly via the system

Do you want your partners to be able to fully exploit the marketing potential of your company, while at the same time positioning your brand more strongly locally, or simply saving costs and time?

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Insight into the banking industry solution

Focus on financial sales

In order to offer a successful financial sales service, it is important that customers not only receive optimal advice on a wide range of topics such as investments, insurance and financing processes, but also that they receive the best possible support. It is also the target-group-specific approach that meets customer requirements and builds long-term customer loyalty. The Local Marketing Platform makes it possible to coordinate campaigns for a wide variety of offers and to play them off at the right location.


Convincing marketing - online and offline

Only progressive, all-encompassing marketing solutions are able to build high customer loyalty in the digital age. Customers use a variety of channels to familiarize themselves with a bank's offerings: they research online, use a chat function on the website if they have questions, and then buy at the branch. In order to meet the different requirements of the channels, multichannel marketing is essential. The Local Marketing Platform simplifies communication processes and ensures uniform standards.


Strengthening branches

In the course of digitization, the number of bank branches has decreased in recent years. But the relevance of contact with people directly on site should not be underestimated. This should also be reflected in marketing measures that are ideally personalized at the local level. To ensure that, despite all the freedom for personalization, each individual branch can still implement the company's marketing measures according to its own ideas, more and more providers in the financial sector are turning to the Local Marketing Platform.


Safety first

The security standards of the Local Marketing Platform ensure that data can only be viewed within the company and that only authorized users are granted access to the information. In addition, special certifications (e.g. ISO 27001) are applied to the data center to ensure high data security.