Radio advertising - goes in the ear, stays in the head

Allow your local sales partners to be present in the regional radio program as well. By switching radio spots, especially a broad target group can be addressed. In addition, the regionality of the stations is perfect for local marketing.

Radio spots via the marketingportal
Create and book radio commercials via the marketing portal

Local marketing with radio ads

The radio accompanies a variety of people through their everyday lives.From the clock radio in the morning, to the first coffee, the way to work in the car and the background music in the office.So accompanying medium, it is an ideal way into the life of potential customers.As a result, your local partners can address their target group quite purposefully.

Especially regional radio stations provide the ideal platform to address a local audience.So almost an entire region can be covered with only one radio spot.Not only information, but also emotions can be conveyed through the spoken sound and a personal relationship with the customer can already be established.


  •  Accompanying medium in everyday life
  •  Regionally applicable
  •  Build emotions through sound
  •  Suitable for advertising communities


Direct targeting via the marketing portal

Convince in everyday life

With a radio ad you can make it without much detours directly into the everyday life of the target group.

Increase brand awareness with the marketing portal

Increase brand awareness

The more the spot is heard, the better the brand name becomes known.Thus, by the way, the attention and awareness can be strengthened.

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Reach wide audience

When booking a radio ad only the selection of the sender and the sender will regulate the target group.Thus, a heterogeneous, broad mass can be addressed simultaneously.

Build close with the marketing portal

Build emotional closeness

Through the spoken text and a sympathetic voice can be built directly a personal relationship with the company.

This is how it works: Personalized Radio Ads

1. Select radio spot

No matter if your partner wants to introduce a product or start an image campaign. There is the right radio spot for every occasion.


2. Edit radio spot

Depending on the content and importance, the length and content of the radio spot can be selected.


3. Personalize and book the radio ad

After supplementing the own content and contact data, the spot is produced directly and can then be booked at the radio station.


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