Complete corporate identity with corporate audio

In addition to own images, a uniform font and color world and self-produced videos, the acoustics also plays into the corporate identity of a brand. Through corporate music, advertising jingles or your own speaking voice, corporate audio can be specifically used to enhance the image and give a round picture.

Corporate audio in the marketingportal
Corporate audio in the marketing portal

Music, sounds and voice as corporate audio

The use of corporate sounds, the corporate sound, has continued to establish itself since the development towards radio advertising. Be it the background music, which determines the ambience at the point of sale (POS), but is not actively perceived, or the clear use of advertising jingles and curtains, which are to be connected directly with the company.

All these acoustic sounds and melodies ideally form a unitary, corporate identity-matching unit. These can be made available to your local partners and even personalized by the use of company voices. Thanks to their own binders, local sales and distribution partners can use the contents of the corporate audio for their own advertising and even their direct customer approach, for example on the telephone.


  • Music at the POS for a better ambience
  • Identification with the company through music and sounds
  • Personalized content for local sales and distribution partners
  • Identification with the company


Uniform appearance with the marketing portal

Uniform appearance

Using the same corporate music in all locations and with all local partners means that the company is seen as more than one entity.

Clear assignment with the marketing portal

Clear assignment to the company

Concise jingles and specific melodies are imprinted on the customer.The frequent sharing of sounds and the company automatically links them together.

Professional appearance with the marketing portal

Professional appearance

The extension of the corporate identity beyond the range of images, fonts and colors makes a particularly professional impression on the customer.

Accompany the corporate image with the marketing portal

Versatile applicability

Whether at the POS, at trade fairs, the telephone announcement or your own online appearance, Corporate Audio offers versatile possibilities to accompany the corporate appearance acoustically.

This is how it works: corporate audio in local marketing

1. Select product

Your partners select the right music, sounds or speeches needed for the current promotional purposes.


2. Personalize

If possible, the audio product can then be personalized with its own content.


3. Insert and integrate

Use the data in your everyday use in the shop, on the website or in other company appearances.


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