The perfect first impression with telephone announcements

The telephone announcement is, so to speak, the digital representative of your local partners. If a customer chooses to call the sales or sales partner and no contact person is currently available, they will hear the phone announcement. Whether as a first contact with your company or as a regular customer, the announcement offers the opportunity to be friendly and personal.

Create and book AB announcements in the marketing portal

Convince with personality

A personal announcement on the answering machine will make every caller feel good.In this way, even with missed calls, it can be ensured that customers and prospects have received a good impression.

By personalizing the customer additional information such as opening times, contacts and additional phone numbers can be passed.In addition, it can be pointed to other sources of information such as the website or representations, so some questions can even be clarified without a second call.

Especially with answering machines it is important to set a personal and friendly message, so that customers are not annoyed to speak to anyone in person.


  •  Personal speech
  •  Provide additional information
  •  Convey a positive feeling
  •  Uniform brand appearance


Remain in the memory with the marketing portal

To keep in mind

With a personal and sympathetic telephone announcement you can score especially at first impressions and stay in the memory.

Provide information with the marketing portal

Provide information

By providing additional information, initial questions can be clarified and attempts are made to assist the caller directly.

Increase customer satisfaction with the marketing portal

Promote customer satisfaction

With a friendly and obliging absence announcement customers can be addressed appropriately despite missed call.

High individuality with the marketing portal

Prove individuality

A special telephone announcement can set your company apart from others and thus score with individuality.

Here's how it works: Personalize personal phone announcements

1. Select announcement type

Regardless of whether it is an absence notice or a selection on the answering machine, your partners select the appropriate announcement.


2. Edit announcement

The partner can then change the announcement and adapt it to his needs.


3. Book announcement

By booking the order is automatically sent to a connected recording studio that the announcement announces and produces. After a few days, the announcement can be downloaded and used.


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