Marketingportal Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

You decide whether we want to use your standardized portal on your marketingportal or if you would like to have individual extensions developed. Our goal is always that we realize all your requirements and develop a marketingportal that suits your circumstances.  

Marketingportal Software Engineering
Individual Development

If our standard modules are not sufficient for you, we will of course also develop individual extensions or modules according to your requirements. In doing so, we pay attention to agile development methods and realization in a defined time and budget frame.

Marketingportal Software Engineering
Interface Development

A complex IT infrastructure makes it increasingly important to reconcile existing IT systems. That's why we develop interface solutions so that the marketingportal adapts to your circumstances. The connection to existing CRM / CMS systems or the service provider integration can thus be carried out smoothly.

Marketingportal Software Engineering

To ensure that you only need to log on to your systems once, we integrate authentication solutions such as single sign-on (SSO) or other technologies. This significantly facilitates access to the marketingportal.

Marketingportal Deployment

All developments are realized by us through a 3-stage process. The system development takes place on development systems (DEV), which are only accessible to internal employees. Only after the realization of all requirements is a development status published on a staging system (staging), on which the customer acceptance takes place. Only then will the development be published on the live system (Live).

Marketingportal Maintenance

To ensure that our customer systems are always state of the art in technology, Local Brand X has approximately one-hour maintenance windows once a month. Within its framework, all applications and servers are brought up to date.

Marketingportal Software Engineering
Software Testing

Extensive software tests, such as A/B tests or user tests, enable us to deliver the best possible results to our customers. This objective supports our multi-level quality assurance process.

Markenkommunikation die ankommt. Zentral gesteuert, lokal realisiert. Local Brand X Marketingportal

Local Brand X is one of the leading providers of brand and marketingportals. In the development We rely on standardized system and advertising media modules that flexibly meet customer requirements. In this way we support decentralized organized companies to optimize their marketing processes.


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