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Marketing automation in perfection for LVM insurance

For the LVM insurance company, we developed the Local Marketing Platform in such a way that it offers both internal marketing staff and external agents the opportunity to choose from a pool of marketing instruments and to produce personalized versions of these instruments without much effort. This means marketing automation in perfection. This not only saves costs, but also time. Ready-made templates and a well-filled media and image database guarantee that the marketing tools are designed in the specified corporate design and that all LVM advertising media have a uniform appearance despite individual adjustments. The big plus of the Local Marketing Platform are its standard interfaces: Not only CRMs can be integrated via them, but also a practically unlimited number of external service providers. The system can be expanded as desired, offers a comfortable user guidance and a multi-level security concept.

Facts and figures
  • Online since 2015
  • + 2,500 users
  • 1,000 orders per month
  • 450 items
  • 7 Service providers

The task

  • Consolidation of seven existing marketing shop systems (advertising material, large surfaces, calendars etc.)
  • Improvement and centralization of ordering options
  • Optimal marketing and sales support for more than 2,500 shop stewards
  • Concept-oriented control of the entire marketing offer via a Central platform
  • Possibility of new advertising channels
Marketing Portal LVM Versicherung

The solution

Marketing Portal LVM with Signel-Sign-On
  • Development of a consistent layout
  • Development of a new structure for improved ordering workflows
  • Integration of interfaces (e.g. single sign-on)
  • Consolidated assortment - from the business card display to the exhibition stand
  • Web-to-print for customizable marketing and sales documents
  • Personalized advertising films for direct booking in cinemas
  • Integrated subsidy system, joint advertising bookings and news system