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As an independent insurance group, HanseMerkur attaches great importance to working hand in hand with its own insurance agents and customers. Values such as reliability, consistency and an eye for innovation are very important at HanseMerkur.


Branch: Versicherung
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Sandra Franz

Advertising Manager

The Local Marketing Platform has proven itself in use by our more than 2,000 insurance agents. With the system we can centralize and standardize the production of advertising materials nationwide.

The challenge

Working with more than 2,000 insurance agents, the creation and production of marketing materials and advertising material is an important task for the marketing department. It is important to keep track of all the various advertising measures and make them available to sales partners. The manual creation and adjustment for the individual partners leads to very high expenditure and process costs as well as time-consuming workflows and coordination processes.

Time-consuming and costly creation of advertising and marketing materials

Maintain an overview of the various advertising media and pass them on to the partners

Large number of manual processes and reconciliations

The solution

With the Local Brand X's Local Marketing Platform, HanseMerkur has significantly optimized and efficiently designed the production and dispatch of its advertising material to sales partners. The insurance agents working for the company can now personalize all materials (such as mailings or advertisements) themselves and order them directly. By eliminating some of the creation and coordination processes, the administrative workload could be greatly reduced. At the same time, the company benefits from a stronger brand effect through an external appearance that is always in line with the corporate design.


Cost savings through the elimination of manual creation and ordering processes

Consolidation of all marketing and promotional materials for the sales partners

Concept-based control of all content for agencies and brokers via a central platform




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