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The fitbox franchise, which operates studios at various locations in Germany and Austria, has been concentrating on offering EMS training since 2011. The franchise now operates over 80 studios and employs more than 350 people.


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Dr. Björn Schultheiss

CMO & Co-Founder

With LBX we have finally found the solution we have always dreamed of: a uniform marketing platform on which our almost 90 franchise partners can adapt and order any imaginable advertising and marketing material around the clock according to their needs. And that with a high degree of automation, which enormously relieves our graphics department.

The challenge

Due to the cooperation with a large number of independent studio operators at different locations, the creation and distribution of marketing materials is an important task for franchise marketing. The individual studios have to be equipped with new business cards, team shirts or posters and individual advertising materials have to be designed and created. The creation and coordination leads to a considerable expenditure of time on the part of the marketing center and the individual partners.

Many independent studio operators

Demand for individual, location-specific advertising and marketing materials

High costs for headquarters and franchisees

The solution

The Local Marketing Platform helps to provide the partners with all the necessary marketing materials and to make them available quickly and efficiently. By using templates, the partners can make individualizations and create their own personalized advertising material as well as order ready-made marketing materials in a shop system. Based on the direct service provider connection, the products are then immediately produced or published. This eliminates approval loops and the marketing processes are much more automated and efficient.

Provide franchisees directly with marketing materials

Own adaptation and individualization using templates

Fewer approval loops and more efficient marketing processes




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