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Individual center brochures - quality guaranteed

Since its introduction, the Local Marketing Platform from Local Brand X has been ensuring complete satisfaction among both the center and leasing managers and the PR department at ECE - quality is guaranteed. The PR department is pleased about the relief from routine work thanks to faster processes and fewer correction rounds. The center and leasing managers can quickly and easily update the brochure for their object. And because large print runs no longer need to be produced in stock, ECE also saves on storage and print production costs.

Facts and figures
  • Online since 2010
  • 125 individual brochures
  • 2 Service providers
  • 4 interfaces to the website, the intranet and the image and object database

The task

  • ECE has been planning, developing, realizing and managing shopping centers (almost 200) in Germany and abroad since 1965
  • Marketing of the centers with individual Center brochures
  • Standardization of the brochure layout
  • Introduction of a Central platform for the PR department as well as Center and leasing managers of ECE
  • Simple usability for all users, even without layout knowledge
  • Improved ordering workflows via service provider interfaces
Marketing portal ECE Projektmanagement

The solution

Marketing portal of ECE Projektmanagement
  • Connection of the ECE internal object database for automatic transfer of all Center data
  • Integration of an external image database for perfectly coordinated layout workflows
  • Fast and uniform processing of print jobs using digital or offset printing, depending on the print run
  • Web-to-print for customizable Center brochures
  • Automated creation of diagrams for the presentation of the branch mix in each Center
  • Interface for transferring all Center brochures to the ECE website and intranet