Working student Maik talks about his experiences at Local Brand X

Local Brand X: Hello Maik! Please introduce yourself to our magazin readers.

Maik: Hi! My name is Maik, I'm 24 years old and I'm studying Business Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms.

Local Brand X: That sounds like a very interesting course. How did it come to you choosing this course?

Maik: The question is not difficult for me to answer. I decided early on for a career in business administration. After completing my business specialization and subsequent training as an industrial clerk, I was already able to get to know a variety of topics. After a short time I realized that I wanted to stay and learn exactly in this industry. That interest me also the computer science turned out in the last training year. Without further ado, I applied for my studies and am now nearing my bachelor thesis.

Local Brand X: It is not self-evident to have clarity so early in his job. Class! Tell us a bit about your work at Local Brand X and how you got it here.

Maik: Very much! After I found a job advertisement on the internet, I sent my application directly. The content of Local Brand X's website at that time left a very innovative "start-up" impression on me, so I thought, "That's where you apply!" Thankfully, everything went smoothly. On 01.03 this year was my one-year anniversary * laugh *
My expectations regarding my tasks in the company have already been exceeded after a very short time. At first I started with commercial activities in which I was already trained. This includes, among other things, the bookkeeping. On a few days I also help a lot in the daily business. It's exciting for me to do content maintenance on TYPO3, a content management system, or to support our customers in maintaining the marketing portal. This is really fun. Recently I was used for the SEO optimization of the new website and got another project handed over to which I can continue to work regularly!

Local Brand X: Happy to hear that you are satisfied. How do your projects run in the company?

Maik: In our morning stand-up meeting, I get my daily assignments on tickets on my workdays. That depends on what's up. In a meeting, I discuss with the colleagues the exact requirement and work independently on the topic. If you have any questions, there are many experts available around the clock who will be able to answer every question in addition to your own work at Local Brand X. This often helps me in my studies!
When I am satisfied with the outcome of my project, I present it to my colleagues. Together we complete the project or try to make corrections. The internal value creation chain of the tasks is outstanding in my opinion.

Local Brand X: Wow! Thanks for the great feedback. What about your internship or practical semester? Do you have an exact destination for the time?

Maik: My internship semester at Local Brand X started on 01.03.2019. Until 31.07.2019 I will be working on my bachelor thesis in a very practical way. I chose the topic "Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Portals". I think there is no better place to work as a company developing marketing portals * HAHA *.
I want to better understand how artificial intelligence influences future marketing and why it will be indispensable. My goal is to get to know the structure of marketing portals in order to be able to look deeper into the matter.

Local Brand X: We are confident that the boys and girls can help you! Good luck with it. Do you have more plans in the future than to pass the bachelor thesis? * Grin *

Maik: Of course I also thought about my future. In addition to successfully completing my studies, I would love to find a job in a young, innovative company that deals with the future topic of digitization. Like Local Brand X * ^^ *.
Furthermore, it would be my desire later for a short time to work abroad. I would very much like to improve my English and at the same time get to know the international economic systems better.

Local Brand X: The plan sounds great! We wish you good luck and success for your internship semester, the bachelor thesis and of course for your own future and we are glad that you are part of the team.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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