Together for regional marketing success: advertising associations

Together for regional marketing success: advertising associations

Uniform, regional marketing of a company is particularly desirable in decentrally organized companies with many local sales or sales partners. In order to save resources and place themselves together with the target group, advertising groups help to collectively convey the content to the outside. With these mergers of several sales and sales partners, common advertising goals can be pursued and the overall image of the brand can be worked on.
With the advertising groups function in the Local Brand X marketing portal, you can enable your partners not only to advertise the brand and the products or services together, but also together. This not only creates a better feeling of togetherness, but can also be advertised more cheaply.

Community brand and marketing success

Especially if there are several sales and sales partners of a company in one city or region, it is advantageous to work together and to strengthen the cohesion. Together, more customers can be reached and larger campaigns created than any partner on its own. Working together in advertising communities can create a sense of community that strengthens the brand and its local public image in the long term. The partners can also work together in partnership, benefit from one another and generally become better known.
In addition to collaboration, cost-effective advertising is another positive aspect of advertising communities. By merging several partners, only a fraction of the total advertising costs fall back on the individual partner during production and publication. This is a big advantage especially for "smaller" partners with less marketing budget. In addition, the joint financing can also result in larger, cross-media campaigns that the individual advertiser would often not be able to implement.

Versatile advertising media for advertising communities

The Local Brand X marketing portal allows your partners to form their own advertising communities. This is done via an inquiry or an addition to an individual advertising community, which enables the partners to join together. The organizer of the advertising group is then shown all possible advertising materials that are activated by the central office and are suitable for marketing in advertising groups. These advertising materials, such as large-format posters, radio spots, printed brochures or many other measures, are individualized directly online, analogous to the standard ordering process. Here they are filled with the data and content of the individual partners or in a neutral advertising community design and ordered, or produced or published directly. All members of the advertising community have the opportunity at any time to view these marketing materials in their orders and the associated costs. With advertising communities, not only individual regional partners benefit from the advertising measures, but the entire company.

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Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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