The search for the right web-to-print system

Finding the right web-to-print system

The current media world offers a conspicuously large oversupply of information and promotional information that comes to you every day in your own inbox on your smartphone, in the mailbox or on the street. As a company, it is becoming increasingly difficult to address users and potential customers in the traditional way. In order to attract the attention of the target group, it is therefore advantageous to score with special forms of advertising and to stand out from the crowd. The production of video material that attracts attention with moving images is a path to success here. In order to make this important form of advertising accessible not only to large brands and centrally controlled companies, the Video.X product extension offers the possibility of making advertising films and explanatory videos accessible and customizable for local partners. This means that local marketing can also benefit from this type of advertising.

Place products and attract attention

Video marketing is the promotion of products and content based on moving images. Different types of videos can be created here: Explanatory videos and animations are mainly used to present new products and to explain complex issues in a simplified manner. This can create awareness among customers about the advantages and properties of products and services. Pure advertising and commercial films, on the other hand, are more focused on product or image and can be used specifically to promote a specific advertising campaign.

Multimedia approach

Compared to conventional print or online marketing, video marketing offers the opportunity to address multiple senses at the same time. Through the moving image and the connection to the sound, the viewer is more drawn to what is shown and usually attracts more attention to the video than other marketing measures. This multimedia approach is generally promising, but especially among younger target groups, who also increasingly use video productions and platforms such as YouTube in their media use.

Video marketing at the local level

The Local Brand X video module enables marketing options to be made available to your local partners. By inserting text and faceplates into predefined templates or adding individual intros and outros, individual videos can be created in just a few clicks. In addition, any scenes can be selected and combined by the user in order to enable a personalized address for the individual, local target group. These videos can either be published on social media and your own website, played at trade fairs, or booked and published directly in local cinemas or out-of-home advertising spaces.
The module enables your local partners to use effective video marketing and realize a multimedia media presence without spending a lot of time and money.
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Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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