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The cross-media challenge

The future begins now: Insurance companies must integrate all channels and contact points in their customer communication.

Successful customer communication today needs an efficient multichannel strategy to meet the expectations of informed media users: finding all the relevant information available on all channels at all times. Innovative, holistic Publishing and Marketing Automation Technologies will be the forerunner of such a forward-looking multichannel approach.

Our communications world has changed fundamentally. We communicate always and everywhere - on all channels. A (potential) customer, who is looking for an insurance, researches in the morning in the office shortly after the recommendations in the major comparison portals. On theway home in the train he gets the first information about specific providers and products via smartphone. And in the commercial breaks of the evening TV series is surfing on the couch

The fact is: Customers and potential new customers use many different media to inform themselves or sign a contract. Web and mobile have become the central contact points. But even the "traditional" media fit into the new multichannel world. Media users no longer distinguish between online and offline. They move in both worlds simultaneously, as the phenomenon of second-screen usage shows. 

Meet the challenges of the omnichannel era

Most companies have not yet adapted their customer communications to this development. The various channels are all too often controlled and recorded independently. An approach that has worked in the world of yesterday. Today, successful customer communication requires a holistic multichannel strategy that covers and networks all channels. This is also the conclusion of a trend study by 2b AHEAD, KPMG and the SAS Institute, which examined the strategies that insurers must use to respond to the challenges of the coming omnichannel era. The result is: Only those who integrate their customer communication across all communication channels and contact points and merge into a smart brand image are future-proof. In order to realize such omnichannel management, innovative technologies for multichannel publishing and marketing automation will become even more important in the future. They become pioneers for a successful communication across all communication channels. And they make it possible to make the best possible and efficient use of the tight budget and time frame for the increasingly sophisticated content in the future as well.

Fully integrate system and processes

In the future, the choice must fall on holistic digital marketing and publishing portals. Because the increasingly digitized business world also makes the networking of sales and marketing processes indispensable. Where different marketing tools coexist side by side today, the key task in the future will be to fully integrate systems and processes. The best solution for this is a modular system that can cover all marketing and sales requirements as needed.

Customers who have already decided on our system: References of Local Brand X GmbH

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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