[Translate to eng:] Template Designerin und die erste Frau bei Local Brand X

Template designer and the first woman at Local Brand X: Interview with Nadine Rössler

Local Brand X: Hello Nadine, thank you for taking the time for us today, please introduce yourself briefly.

Nadine: Hello, my name is Nadine Rössler, I am creating the templates for Local Brand X and have been involved for two years now, so from the start.

Local Brand X: What does your day-to-day work as a template designer normally look like, describe briefly what you do all day long?

Nadine: Okay, gladly. At the beginning, I always get a ticket that contains a task with specifications for our system and in which all the necessary data is also supplied. First I check this data for completeness and its feasibility. If they are of sufficient quality, then I build the template in our layout program, a kind of InDesign. There I can set the template frame by frame and also place pictures and integrate texts. When the template is set up, I store functions, so-called variables, which make it customizable afterwards. Then it can be uploaded to the system, in our backend and a master template can be created. The functions that were previously defined are configured in the system, images and authorizations are assigned and the final article is created. The template is then visible there and can be tested and possibly corrected again. The ticket is then accepted by the Customer Success Manager and finally by the customer. So creating templates is my main task, otherwise I also make corrections and changes, of course, if there are inquiries from the customer about existing articles. So almost all of our products run through my desk.

Local Brand X: That sounds like you have the ultimate overview. What do you enjoy most about this work?

Nadine: What I like about my job is that I can create something and see a result in the end. And that, when things get more complicated, you have to think about how to solve this challenge. I also really want to try new things every now and then and find out how to solve them even better.

Local Brand X: You have been around for a relatively long time, why did you personally choose Local Brand X?

Nadine: Building templates is generally what I would like to do. It is also an area that is still relatively rare, especially in the area around Mainz. I grew into this digital change and was always at the forefront. It was mostly a coincidence that I always had the latest jobs, but it always fascinates me to do something new. And when Local Brand X started, I decided to follow the path. Also because I knew from the start that you could do it with colleagues - professionally, but also on a personal level.

Local Brand X: You have already mentioned the team, how do you experience the atmosphere and the team spirit at Local Brand X?

Nadine: What I really like here is the openness. You can address everything, talk openly about everything and also take individual needs into account. I also think that when things get tight, you just get rid of problems, that's really good.

Local Brand X: You were the only woman on the team for a long time, what was it like for you?

Nadine: Yes, that's right. You can feel it somehow, but it didn't bother me, even if I kept talking to it for fun. You're the chicken in the basket, but in a positive way. At some point I started to put a little pressure on and ask if they didn't want to hire a woman. But that is not because not wanting, but because of the offer on the job market. It was definitely never a serious problem for me.

Local Brand X: I can imagine that and somewhere you were successful with your questions. After all, there are even four women in the team from February. If you finally described Local Brand X in three adjectives, what would they be?

Nadine: Open - you can really talk about everything here and communication is generally very open. Innovative - yes, marketing portals and web-to-print systems have been around for a while, but we're still at the forefront here. Young - and not just because the company is still relatively young, the team is also consistently young and therefore full of energy for new things.

Local Brand X: Great! Thanks for your time, Nadine! We look forward to many more years together at Local Brand X.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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