Targeted use of an online marketing portal and find the right marketing portal provider

Target an online marketing portal and find the right marketing portal provider

The marketing world today is diverse and online platforms are springing up every week on which customers can be reached. However, the large number of channels and the increasingly digital and online marketing is often a challenge. If the company now also has a business model with many individual sales and sales partners who are to do local marketing, the project becomes even more complicated. In order to use the most varied forms of advertising in local marketing and still operate uniform advertising, the use of an online marketing portal is recommended. Read here how you can use one for your brand, what advantages it offers and how to find the right marketing portal provider.

Versatile local marketing mix with an online marketing portal

In local marketing, too, it is usually no longer enough to rely on classic, printed advertising, but online marketing must also be taken into account. Flyers, brochures and advertising at the point-of-sale are still important marketing channels, but they are increasingly being supported and supplemented by digital advertising. Posts and advertisements on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, a concept for search engine optimization (SEO) and newsletter marketing via email are particularly relevant. In general, the marketing world is undergoing ever-increasing digitization, which does not stop at local sales partners. Online marketing is becoming a challenge in many places, especially for partners who deal solely with advertising and their local marketing. Not every partner* has in-depth marketing know-how in social media or SEO and therefore needs more support from the company's headquarters. An online marketing portal can help and facilitate the workflow. Using templates (digitally editable templates), the head office can provide local partners with advertising materials and products and provide the best conditions for local, cross-media marketing.

Advantages in the online marketing portal

In this way, campaigns can be planned for the entire company and the locally adapted advertising can be distributed across the partners. The sales partners usually receive the templates online and digitally via the marketing portal, can view them and edit them directly in the portal without having to worry about the corporate design. The corporate identity of the brand will be preserved in any case, be it on social media, with the next posting on Instagram or Facebook or in the newsletter by email. The templates can be modified by the partners so that they ideally address their personal, local target group, but still maintain the uniform brand image and the image of the company is shaped in a uniform manner. This in turn offers the individual partner* freedom and security. Different and new forms of advertising can be used and tried out, without worrying about the correct use of the corporate design or approvals from the headquarters. In addition to classic advertising materials such as brochures and business cards, ads can be placed on Facebook, Instagram or Google in no time at all, and microsites can be created for successful SEO of the brand. The company also has the option of using advertising grants to focus on certain campaigns, products and advertising materials via the online marketing portal and to support the partners financially. In this way, sales partners with less marketing know-how can be persuaded to rely on online or social media campaigns and test new opportunities in online marketing.

Efficient local marketing through a marketing portal

A marketing portal not only supports the partners in planning a campaign or creating the next advertisement, but also leads to a faster and more effective workflow in the creation of the advertising material. For example, if a partner* wants to use a new e-mail newsletter, it is created directly online in the portal using a company template. The partner* fills this newsletter with his local information and checks the design. Due to the possible link to customer data, the newsletter can be sent to customers directly in the marketing portal as an email. The same applies to the production of printed advertising. The digitally created print data is forwarded directly to the print shop and can be produced in the shortest possible time. A marketing portal thus contributes to the efficient creation of advertising materials for offline and online marketing and ultimately saves time that can be invested in local customer service or planning the next campaign.

Find the right marketing portal provider

In order to find the right marketing portal provider, you should first analyze your own needs in the company, but also the needs of local partners. Only those who know the weak points can choose the right software support through an online marketing portal. The marketing portal provider should be selected so that the partners are supported in their local marketing management and as much time as possible can be saved for the coordination rounds and the production of advertising materials. It is also advisable to pay attention to which training options or introductory workshops the providers provide and whether the online marketing portal can be expanded in the future. As already mentioned, the marketing world is rapidly developing through the Internet and new advertising platforms and products (e.g. social media platforms). Which makes an expandable portal, which is constantly being updated, particularly recommended. You can also use our “Checklist Marketing Portal” for support.

Are you interested in an online marketing portal or do you have any questions? Please feel free to speak to us and get in touch.


Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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