SMS-Marketing: Der direkte Weg in die Hand der Kunden

SMS marketing: The direct route into the hands of the customer

Our smartphone accompanies us most of the day: we make calls, check the weather, the latest news and pictures of our best friends on Instagram. Many users no longer even put their cell phones down on the toilet. The smartphone is therefore the gateway to your own customers and the easiest way to reach and address the target group directly. In addition to the widespread (online) forms of advertising such as e-mail marketing, Google Ads and social media, sending short marketing messages, also known as SMS marketing, is still a very effective form of advertising that has not been used much to date. Read here how you can convince your customers with just 160 characters.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is the sending of short messages for advertising or service purposes to your own customers and prospects. SMS marketing offers a successful supplement to online marketing measures such as email marketing or social media ads and offers another direct touchpoint on the customer journey. Sending short messages is now one of the most effective forms of customer communication, as the messages are opened much more frequently and faster than e-mails or postal mailings. The message comes from the brand directly into the customer's pocket or hand.
It is important here to obtain the appropriate opt-in (permission to send) from the customer and to give them the opportunity to stop this sending at any time (e.g. by sending “STOP”). Only then can SMS marketing be used legally and without data protection concerns.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Comparatively high opening rate
  • Fast response time of receivers
  • High interaction rate, e.g. B. when using links
  • Great for updates and limited time offers

Areas of application for SMS marketing

Sending short messages is particularly suitable for situations in which customers should be reached promptly. This is especially the case with short-term offers and promotions. A certain group of recipients can be made aware of certain discounts, coupons or promotions and encouraged with a call-to-action, for example to make a purchase. Updates on a planned event or the weather can also be sent to a specific target group.

In addition, SMS marketing can also send targeted messages to individuals or customers. This is particularly advantageous in digital customer service, for updates on orders, train or flight tickets, appointment confirmations or tracking codes for shipment tracking. These short updates reach the customers directly and inform them immediately.
Especially for companies in the field of e-commerce, for tour operators and airlines as well as service companies, it is worth informing customers quickly and easily in this way.



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