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Safe into the future: marketing portal for BayWa

BayWa AG, one of the largest international trade and service groups in the industry, wants to facilitate the marketing activities of the approximately 15.000 international employees. In the agriculture, energy and construction segments, trade and logistics form the overarching core competencies. Via the Marketing Portal of Local Brand X the employees and trading partners are supposed to personalize and order marketing and advertising material. With the system, BayWa is taking the next step towards a secure future for digital solutions.

Clear aims with a marketing portal

BayWa pursues clear goals with the introduction of the marketing portal. Important is a timely usability, which is based exactly on the needs of the company. In addition, a simple, intuitive user interface is essential to make it easy for all employees to get started on the new marketing portal and to guarantee a pleasant order workflow. The processing of print jobs on the web-based platform is to be taken to the next level, so that a short way to order is guaranteed. Due to the system performance, "badly connected" branches in the future can also access the system without long waiting times.

Take brand communication to the next level

BayWa's digital platform significantly improves performance and workflows. A marketing portal that complies with current standards and provides new technologies for the future, is now taking the company to the next level of marketing automation. The platform offers a wide range of new features:

  • Single sign-on from the internal company network
  • Integration of templates with disproportional scaling
  • Fast order management by service providers using bulk processing
  • Integration of serial personalization
  • Shipping tracking for more transparency with the orderers
  • Perspective integration of new digital advertising channels

Whether mass production of print mailings, personnel ads or office equipment - with a marketing portal, BayWa is well prepared for the demands of a globalized and digitized world. Further expansion of digital advertising is already planned.

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Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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