Out-of-home advertising measures

Shine with new out-of-home advertising measures

After spending significantly more time at home and in front of our screens over the past two years, most of us have become more and more accustomed to the digital world. Online advertising banners and social media ads are now so widespread that we perceive them more and more unconsciously and sometimes completely ignore them. This internal filter, the installation of ad blockers and the perception of interference from online advertising make it difficult to use online marketing successfully.

In order to still reach a large number of people, outdoor advertising (out-of-home) has gained momentum again. More people are on their way to the office or into town several times a week and can be picked up directly in their everyday lives via posters, advertising columns or megalights.

Benefits of out-of-home marketing

The use of out-of-home marketing measures makes it possible to reach interested parties in their everyday lives. Whether on the way into the city, walking through your own neighborhood or waiting for the train - out-of-home measures such as billboards, advertising pillars or megalights shape the cityscape and experience a comparatively high level of acceptance.
By placing the content in easily accessible places, a very large number of people can be reached at relatively low cost. This is particularly well suited to expanding the touchpoints in the customer journey and enabling broader brand awareness. By selecting the location, specific target groups can also be targeted in order to advertise even more successfully and in a targeted manner.

New out-of-home measures in the Local Marketing Platform

You can now not only provide your partners with large-scale posters via the Local Marketing Platform, but also advertise on pillars and Megalight Select ads. This enables an even more diverse marketing portfolio and even more attention from the target group. With Megalight ads, the indirect lighting and the change of content (movement) captivate the viewer even more than with a simple large-format poster. And advertising pillars can also lead to even more reach thanks to their special shape and placement at particularly relevant advertising locations.

Similar to the large-scale posters, you can create the forms of advertising as templates in the Local Marketing Platform. Your partners then customize the content and book the finished ad directly for their chosen location. So nothing stands in the way of your individual outdoor advertising.



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