All marketing actions at a glance: The new evaluations in the Local Marketing Platform

In the Local Marketing Platform you can support your partners in the complete marketing process. You can share individual items and entire campaigns with them, download or order the finished measures directly, and co-finance selected orders with advertising subsidies. To enable your partners not only to plan and produce independently in the future, but also to easily overview and measure their own individual marketing success, we have added a larger evaluation area to the platform. 

Evaluate marketing correctly 

For successful marketing, it is not only important to share the right marketing measures and to serve as many communication channels as possible, but also to set a clear strategy and goals. Based on these goals, the success of one's own marketing can be controlled and measured. The marketing measures should help to increase awareness and thus also sales. Only if the content is actually seen or opened by the customers, it can contribute to the success of the company. Therefore, after the implementation of a marketing measure or campaign, it is important to analyze and evaluate it. Especially digital measures such as Google ads, social media posts or newsletters offer many key figures such as opening rates or click-through rates (CTR) that provide information about the success.

Support your partners in marketing evaluation

In order to support your partners' marketing in the best possible way and make it as efficient as possible, it is important that they also have a way of analyzing their own key figures and measures of success for advertising measures and aligning local marketing accordingly. Using the new evaluation area in the Local Marketing Platform, your partners can get an overview of past measures at a glance. In the new dashboard view, they can directly view KPIs about their own ordering behavior for a self-selected period of time, such as expenditures made, orders placed, or advertising cost subsidies received. In the evaluation for individual marketing measures, additional information such as the opening rate of the newsletter sent or the number of clicks made on an advertisement, for example, can be viewed.

Based on these figures and the overview of individual orders, partners can analyze which forms of advertising are most suitable for their own target group and which expenditures will be most targeted in the future. In this way, you offer your partners the ideal basis for carrying out the best possible local marketing.

Daniela von Local Brand X
Daniela Geppert

Marketing Managerin

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