Let your own brand shine with a brand portal

Make your own brand shine with a brand portal

Anyone who wants to lead their own company to success can not avoid having a close look at their own brand and providing it with a strong image. A consistent corporate design is essential for long-term successful establishment in the market. But information about the logo, color worlds, typography and imagery must be easy to find and communicate convincingly, both within the company and for external agencies and franchisees. So why not bundle all relevant information in one place? A brand portal offers the solution. Here, entrepreneurs offer all the opportunities they need to bring their brand management to perfection.

A brand portal: much more than a style guide

Previously, it was common practice to provide all information about the brand for partners and staff in the form of a style guide. A brand portal thinks this idea further and bundles all relevant information centrally in one place. In a password-protected, digital space, users of the brand portal will find all the relevant information on the company's strategy, corporate identity, communication and design, thus finding easy access to color worlds, videos and typography. Of course, an existing style guide can be additionally integrated so that information that has already been collected can still be used. Thus, existing material is optimally integrated and expands the existing brand management with an online style guide. Every single employee has the opportunity, in just a few steps, to create compelling products in the look & feel. It does not matter if the product is to be produced online, on social media, on a mobile device or as a print product. Thus, efficient and promising brand management becomes a reality.

Strategically strengthen your company with a brand portal

Globalization is increasingly driving companies into multi-faceted, international competition. A brand portal offers the opportunity to find professional, quick and uncomplicated cross-media answers to the questions facing companies. In particular, if it is decentralized, manages branches in a wide variety of locations and wants to address customers and customers cross-medially and locally, it pays to think about the integration of brand management software. The communication structures that emerge from these globalization-based business organizations are incredibly complex and prone to error. A brand portal can provide a remedy, allowing all business units to access the same information anywhere and within seconds. This is how convincing brand management succeeds in a global business world.

Time is money

In any company, if you manage to streamline processes in a time-saving manner while facilitating and improving communication between individual parties, not only the company itself but also the workforce and end users benefit. Because money and time are saved in the work process, this inevitably affects the quality of the end product. A brand portal eliminates the need for communication channels, bundles information in one place and thus ensures strong brand management. It also eliminates the need to communicate with external agencies that have been mandated to serve the brand in the past. In-house processes are faster, communication is usually simpler and the result, thanks to the possibilities of a brand portal, is just as high-quality as when it was created by an agency. The establishment of a brand portal not only strengthens one's own brand, but also saves money through time savings and in-house processing.

Creating added value for employees through a brand portal

A brand portal helps companies to make brand perception as positive as possible. But not only the external perception is improved by advantages such as a consistent adherence to the corporate identity, also the brand awareness of the employees is positively influenced by a uniform, strong brand management. If the brand portal is established in an attractive way in the work environments of the employees, they benefit from the time-saving process. Your workflow will be streamlined, information will be easier to find and easily accessible. In addition, employees at various branches can access innovations without delay and consistently implement them. On the one hand, this increases the job satisfaction of the workforce and, on the other hand, the identification and knowledge of the brand.

The user friendliness in view

A brand portal can only facilitate the work processes of employees if the operation is as user-friendly and intuitive as possible. Therefore, prior to designing a brand portal, it is important to focus on the needs and requirements of those responsible for brand management who will make the most of the brand portal. Here it is worthwhile an open dialogue in the team. An analysis of user needs and application scenarios ensures that the brand portal can be used on a long-term basis and has the greatest possible impact. There is also the possibility of offering the users of a brand portal even greater added value through interactive offers. Tutorials and learning opportunities promote the users and ensure a gain in knowledge. Everyone likes to learn, especially when what they have learned can be directly applied. By integrating interactive learning content, a brand portal also encourages employee exchanges and the expertise of the individual.

For whom is a brand portal worthwhile?

In the broadest sense, every company benefits from the integration of a brand portal, because: Corporate is Key. Making one's own brand strong always has a positive effect on a company. But beyond that, there are a few things that make it easier for a company to benefit from a brand portal. Our checklist tells you which ones are

  • A brand portal is particularly suitable if the company coordinates the communication of many, possibly even international branches
  • If a company wants to strengthen its brand, establish it in the long term or reposition it, strong brand management is essential. This is made easier by the centralized bundling of cross-media standards with regard to the corporate identity.
  • Companies that want to see their corporate strategy implemented consistently benefit from uncomplicated access to relevant information for employees and service providers.
  • If many different people need to be able to quickly access the brand-specific information, a brand portal with personalized access authorizations enables a simple control tool to provide information on the one hand in an uncomplicated way and on the other hand to protect it well.
  • Companies that want to save money through process streamlining and time savings benefit from a brand portal.
  • Companies that want to make the work of their employees easier while at the same time creating added value for their team benefit from the cooperation system and the interactive elements that can be integrated into a brand portal.

In an intensive dialogue with Local Brand X you will find out which requirements a brand portal has to fulfill for your company. Do you want to reposition your brand? Simplify the communication? Make sure that your corporate strategy is implemented internationally according to uniform standards? Together we will find a way.

Further information about our brand portal can be found here: Brand portal of Local Brand X GmbH


Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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