Local marketing with a marketing portal


Local marketing from a single source - a marketing portal makes it possible

Companies that operate in numerous locations and have to respond flexibly to local requirements are often faced with the problem of having to deal with decentralized challenges with a central marketing department. How do you create a harmonious brand appearance from a single source, which meets the conditions of different local locations or sales partners and inspires customers online and offline? In the past, small-scale and often error-prone work processes were required for this, but today they can be optimized through a marketing portal and promise consistent and convincing results.

Uniform local marketing thanks to the marketing portal

A marketing portal offers all the relevant information that is required for successful local marketing - even in a bundled form. In-house, but regardless of location, image files, layout designs, text modules and all other content for the implementation of a marketing campaign can be accessed online via the portal. The central, simplified processing makes it possible to implement local marketing across locations and individually - with the best possible result.

Local marketing and corporate identity

What use is the best strategy in marketing if different standards are set in terms of appearance and addressing the target group when communicating with individual locations? Only those who can offer a coherent look and uniform standards will bind customers in the long term and create a high identification potential with the brand. In addition to the content, the focus is on optics. Uniform layout and familiar color worlds or motifs bind customers. A strong corporate identity also makes it possible to stand out from the competition and strengthens the brand.

Uniform standards with flexible customization options

With a marketing portal or marketing management system (MMS for short), the dream of a uniform look that extends to the last sales partner* becomes a reality. The standards set in the marketing management system make it possible to adapt certain content, for example advertising material, and to tailor it to your own customers - but this does not jeopardize your corporate identity. Because only the information that is released for it can be edited. In this way, the system remains flexible enough to be adapted locally and locally in individual local branches and by sales partners. A successful approach to effective localization in decentralized companies. This means that all sales partners can use the company-wide marketing strategy and adapt it so that it works locally for their target group and customers.

Advertising media in local and regional marketing

In order to successfully address regional customers and carry out successful local marketing, it is no longer enough to rely on classic, printed advertising media. At the regional level in particular, new “online advertising materials” are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Nowadays, when searching for a company in the region for the first time, you cannot avoid search engines like Google. Here you can find the direct route to the company's homepage or Facebook pages and can get a first impression through the reviews given. Skillful use of the Internet and the diverse forms of advertising enable these evaluations to be better staged. In addition, the local homepage can be used to advertise your own events and to spread local tips. Through targeted targeting, the target group can also be tailored on the Internet so that primarily regional customers are discussed and referred to the homepage.

Marketing management system as a complete solution

A marketing management system works online and cloud-based. Regardless of the location, the system can be accessed locally to order marketing materials or campaigns at any time - from the offline print brochure to the online post on Facebook. However, a marketing portal goes far beyond these requirements. Through open interfaces, the integration of service providers and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as the production of offline advertising media, marketing portals defy pure web-to-print offers and take the learnings from existing systems to the next level.

Advantages through a suitable marketing portal

It's easy to see that marketing management software strengthens brands and streamlines processes. But what other advantages does a marketing management system offer? The consistent implementation of the corporate design in local marketing is probably one of the strongest arguments for working with marketing management software. But there are also numerous advantages. By centralizing control processes, communication problems can be avoided and work processes simplified. There are fewer errors with changes that are to be adopted internally for all products and printed products: updates are simply made in the marketing portal and all sales partners can use them directly for their local marketing and their own target group. These updates, like all activities of local sales partners, are reflected in automated reports so that errors can be found quickly and avoided in the future. In addition, the increase in efficiency and cost reduction in centralization should not be forgotten: If pathways are eliminated, the workflow is streamlined and communication is simplified, the entire company benefits.

Local sales partners also benefit!

The local sales partners who should use it in everyday life also win through a marketing portal in the company. As with classic web-to-print systems, it is possible for everyone to take professional advertising measures and adapt advertising media without the necessary prior knowledge. In addition, planning processes are simplified if all communication runs through one system. This way, every person knows where to find information. Corporate design templates can be customized based on local requirements. In addition, booking and ordering processes run through the uniform system. In this way, all information is bundled in one system and a smooth workflow is made possible.

When is it worth investing in a marketing portal?

If you want to offer your stakeholders local, compelling marketing solutions and campaigns, you should consider investing in a marketing portal. This means that there is a suitable variation of the marketing management system for every strategy, sales form and every industry. Regardless of whether it is for franchise systems with the possibility of local replication of comprehensive campaigns, for branches that want to combine a uniform look with a strong corporate identity or for organizations that value the recognition and loyalty of customers, but whose workforce is not in design or Want to use the process, but rather to put it into the realization of their goals - they all benefit from a marketing portal tailored to the company or organization.

Further information on the subject of "Marketing Management" can be found here: Marketing Management

In which industries can you find marketing portals?

The industries in which one uses a marketing portal can be just as varied as the types of sales. The spectrum ranges from parties, NGOs and non-profit organizations to banks, the automotive industry and the tourism sector to local companies such as driving schools, supermarkets or the catering trade. Even companies that have specialized in the general manufacture of branded articles appreciate the advantages of a marketing portal. The same applies to clubs, authorities and associations. Ultimately, advantages in working with a marketing portal can be found in almost every industry.

Helping people help themselves

Anyone who decides to work with a marketing portal will be rewarded with what is generally referred to as an all-round carefree package. The marketing management software enables smooth work processes and the possibility of individual adaptation of campaigns at the local level, while maintaining uniform standards. Everything takes place in one system. The individual options also make it possible to obtain exactly the functions that are required in the company. In the end, not only the company wins by increasing efficiency, but also the individual team members, who are trained in new skills in using the marketing portal. In addition, the system can be used to communicate with sales partners, to inform about new advertising materials and to spread general tips and tricks. A win-win situation for all parties involved.

You can find more information about our marketing portal here: Marketingportal Local Brand X GmbH

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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