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Digital commercials or successful online marketing? How to convince with newsletter marketing

If they do not end up in the spam folder anyway, they are often deleted unread. Newsletters sometimes behave like the online version of advertising mailings. They were completed at some point and somehow the step was just not taken to unsubscribe. That's why they end up in the trash every week. So that your customers do not do the same with your newsletter and that you can use this form of advertising as successfully as possible, the following tips and tricks can help.

Strategically achieving the goal

Above all, it is important not to simply provide the newsletter. Every mailing should serve a specific purpose, be it to inform customers about a new campaign, to impart knowledge or to encourage them to buy directly. The desired success can only be achieved with a clear strategy. The target group in particular is crucial for the design and content of the mailing. A higher response rate can only be generated by targeting the target group.
The time at which the newsletter is sent should also be strategically selected. Depending on the target group, it is advisable to send the messages more during the day or in the evening. For B2B mailings, times between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. are recommended, in the B2C area evening hours are usually more successful. In general, however, these are only guidelines that serve as an initial decision-making aid and can lead to the ideal time for sending through targeted testing and analysis of previous mailings.

Convince from the start

Above all, the first impression counts and the subject line usually decides whether the customer opens the newsletter or not. It is briefly described what it is about and tries to get the recipient to open and read it. In local marketing in particular, subject lines with location names make sense in order to additionally show relevance and arouse interest.
But not only the subject line, the first sentence is also particularly important. The so-called pre-header is usually displayed without opening the message and can spark additional interest as a supplement. Particularly convincing and encouraging to interact are beginnings that point to free products and promotions. Newsletters in particular, which offer free extras for download, convince customers to deal with the content.

The outer values ​​also count

Not only the content and the address influence the recipient, the external appearance is also very important in newsletter marketing. The newsletter can ideally be classified into the whole of the communication and is thus modeled on the corporate design and the structure of the website. Overall, the communication should be clearly understandable, direct, without phrases and extreme advertising language. Please also note that the newsletter is a concise form of information that is only intended to provide an overview, in-depth information can be provided via further links.

Newsletter and the GDPR

However, there are some things to consider that have become particularly important due to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR describes some rules that can also be important for senders of newsletters. Since names and email addresses are personal data, they are also affected by the GDPR. Customers to whom a newsletter is sent must have clearly agreed to it and have therefore consciously decided to receive the information (double opt-in). You can often offer this to your customers when purchasing products or processing contracts. However, the checkmark for sending information and newsletters must be clicked separately and must not be a standard setting. You must also give your recipients the option to revoke the newsletter at any time.

In general, a successful newsletter should not give your customers the feeling of being spam, but rather conscious information about your activity, the products and promotions. If this is the case, customers will be happy to deal with the content voluntarily.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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