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How Marketing Portals Benefit From Artificial Intelligence

The topic of artificial intelligence (or English: Artificial Intelligence (AI)) is no longer just a matter of the future, but is increasingly becoming a ubiquitous topic in our everyday lives. Especially in marketing and communication, artificial intelligence can always do more and contribute to better customer satisfaction. As a result, artificial intelligence is already being used in marketing portals in many places.


Just as in online shopping and digital marketing, artificial intelligence is used in marketing portals in a variety of ways. For example, through the use of chatbots. This automated chat assistant can answer questions to the user, providing a cost-effective and fast way to engage in active customer service and alert them to possible solutions.

Virtual Assistants

Eine Weiterentwicklung von Chatbots ist der virtuelle Assistent, der nicht nur Fragen beantwortet und bei Problemen unterstützt, sondern auch aktiv Kaufempfehlungen ausspricht sowie über die Produkte und die Benutzung informiert. Aus dem Alltag sind virtuelle Assistenten auch aus der Smartphone-Branche bekannt, indem sie einen durch Spachbefehle Informationen liefern oder Aktivitäten ausführen. Im Marketingportal werden sie hauptsächlich dazu benutzt, um dem Kunden die Suche nach den richtigen Werbemitteln zu vereinfachen und dabei wie bei einer Kaufberatung zu unterstützen.

Content personalization

Gerade in der Marketingbranche wird die Individualisierung und Personalisierung des Angebots immer einflussreicher. Durch die Nutzung des Portals werden Daten gespeichert, die für persönliche Ansprachen und Angebote genutzt werden. Somit kann das Erscheinungsbild passgenau auf den Benutzer abgestimmt und die speziellen Anforderungen und Wünsche erfüllt werden.

Big data

All these achievements and modern additional functions are only possible because a large amount of data is stored during use. Not just the classic data such as name or age, which the user deliberately states. Also information such as the length of stay on individual pages, which advertising media are clicked on and what information did not interest the customer. In addition, data on the success of an advertising campaign can be collected so that new recommendations are made on this basis. From this amount of data, also called big data, can be obtained by means of machine learning (an advancement of artificial intelligence) an overview of the amount of data and ultimately conclusions about the person and their behavior are drawn.

Artificial intelligence in marketing portals

Thus, it can be seen that artificial intelligence is no longer represented only in large online shops, but also in marketing portals, artificial intelligence is already being introduced. Here, too, the partners are shown the available marketing measures and advertising media, which are adapted to the wishes of the individual user. Based on the collected order data of the individual partners, tailor-made marketing recommendations can thus be presented and placed. The assistance and support provided by the chatbot can also make the user's operation of the system easier and specifically point out possibilities. Thus, not only the marketing portal is becoming increasingly intelligent, but also the marketing measures can be increasingly selected according to the predicted success. If you would like to discuss the topic with us or would like to get an insight into the marketing portal, then contact us.

Simon von Local Brand X
Simon Hofbauer

Head of Customer Success, Authorized Signatory

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