Celebrate campaign successes: put together article packages

Celebrate campaign successes: put together product packages

Many cooks spoil the broth - if you believe this saying, marketing with many sales and distribution partners is not a good star. In order to advertise successfully and uniformly in cooperation with many different partners, it is important to rely on a common and structured brand presence. This is best done when all partners adhere to a common advertising and campaign plan and have clear goals. Through these common advertising focuses and campaigns, a stringent brand image can be built up over the year and common advertising and sales goals can be achieved.
With the Local Brand X article packages function, you can put together all the articles and advertising material required for a campaign for your partners and order them as a package. This makes it easier for your sales or sales partners to follow the joint campaigns and contribute to the brand's success.

Fast, uniform and efficient

When working with many individual partners at different locations, it is important to work with common goals. Thanks to a uniform marketing plan, the partners can view the various campaign focuses and advertise according to these guidelines. In order to implement these planned campaigns, the partners need uniform materials specifically selected for the campaign. Depending on the campaign, these advertising materials can be cross-media and very different and offer a spectrum from classic, printed materials to websites and online ads.
Through the uniform use of advertising material, the brand image can be strengthened nationwide. The cooperation of the individual partners means that the company is perceived by the customer as a unit and that there is no competition between the individual partners.

Create incentives and advertise together

In order to make it as easy as possible for the individual sales or sales partners to carry out the campaigns, not only can individual articles for the advertising material be created in the Local Brand X marketing portal, but article packages can also be created. All advertising material items that are required for a planned campaign can be integrated into this package. The partners personalize all of these marketing materials in one go and save time in the selection and creation of the individual materials.
In addition to time efficiency, it is also possible to guarantee partners advertising subsidies for the entire package. This creates an additional financial incentive to participate in the company-wide campaign and to advertise cost-effectively and to increase sales. In addition to the campaign article packages, it is also possible to create packages for new partners or special situations such as trade fairs or new openings. This means that all partners have the best conditions to advertise the brand as successfully as possible and to represent it externally. Would you also like to better support your partners and make campaigns easier? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


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Nisa Wielvers

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