Campaign pages with the LBX Content Management System

Combine advertising material for a successful marketing campaign: Campaign pages with the Local Brand X Content Management System

Whether print, social media, radio or video advertising - in the cross-media world there are countless possibilities to reach your own target group and generate attention. In order to advertise with your local partners in a variety of ways, you can make all these different advertising measures available in the Local Marketing Platform. With such a large number, however, individual partners can quickly lose track or pick out their personal favorite advertising measure and no longer consider any new ones. By providing a campaign plan and the appropriate article packages for the campaigns, you can motivate your partners to continue combining and trying out different advertising materials. On the campaign pages in the Local Marketing Platform, you can store all relevant information about the individual campaign and specifically support the partners in local marketing planning and execution.

Why campaigns are important

Campaigns combine individual advertising measures into a large advertising volume. All advertising measures that are used here work together and pursue a clear, uniform goal. In order to reach the target group and potential customers, it is usually not enough to just advertise on one channel. By selecting different channels, not only can different groups of people be reached, but a profound effect can also be created. For example, if a customer sees advertisements and content in different media or at different touchpoints (e.g. print, out-of-home and online), the product or brand will be remembered much better than with a one-off advertising contact. In this way, targeted campaigns can be used as successfully and cross-media as possible in order to reach and convince a particularly large number of people.

Campaign pages for the partners

So that your partners can implement the planned marketing campaigns in the best possible way, the campaign pages in the Local Marketing Platform offer the ideal interface to inform the partners. Your partners will be guided through the order processes on the sub-pages for the individual campaigns and can see all the necessary and useful information. Here content can be published, articles and article packages can be stored and additional explanations and marketing tips can be published. With the right design of the campaign pages, you guide your partners step by step through the planned marketing campaign and make a significant contribution to its success. Since the partners not only find information, but also the required articles, nothing stands in the way of implementation.

Create campaign pages with content management

You can completely individually design and set up these campaign pages in the backend area of your local marketing platform. The content management functionality allows you to independently create pages and fill them with a wide variety of content. Integrate your own texts, graphics or articles completely as you wish and help your partners to find all important information directly.

Would you also like to support your partners in the implementation of campaigns? Contact us, we will be happy to support you.



Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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