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Audio Service and Local Brand X: Individual Marketing for Hearing Aids

The brand Audio Service offers comfortable and innovative hearing aids and system solutions for the ideal listening experience. With their products, they combine new technologies with aesthetic, inconspicuous design and can thus make products such as in-the-ear hearing systems possible. Audio Service is characterized by many extras, individual advice and handmade production in Germany. The products are distributed internationally and throughout Germany by independent acousticians.

This results in a large network of partners who will be supported in the future by the Local Brand X marketing portal to carry out local marketing for Audio Service products.

In the marketing portal, Audio Service can provide its acousticians with a wide variety of advertising measures and articles. Which means that around 250 users can create and carry out their local marketing with the support of Local Brand X in a much easier and more targeted manner.

Individuality is desired

Since the partners of Audio Service are independent acousticians, the focus is on the individuality and adaptability of the items. Each partner has its own design specifications and a corporate identity that should be preserved. The acousticians can use the templates to adapt the advertising material completely individually and to their own specifications, colors and fonts and order them directly. This means that only the platform, articles and products are specified by Audio Service, but the partners remain largely independent in their implementation.

Cross-media advertising measures

Thanks to the various options in the print, online and social media area, nothing stands in the way of cross-media, local marketing. Our modules in the area of ​​analytics and upselling give the marketing department an ideal overview of the booked marketing measures, can make specific recommendations and distribute advertising subsidies already in the system. This allows individual campaigns to be subsidized and the marketing of the individual partners to be analyzed and coordinated.

Digitization not only in the products

With a strong focus on online channels, Audio Service remains true to its affinity for digitalization and enables local acousticians to publish articles on social media directly in the system and even create extensions for their own website. So-called landing pages can be used to create special offer and product pages that are compiled in the marketing portal and then published directly. This means that the partners can expand their website and do targeted online marketing without in-depth IT knowledge.

With this cross-media orientation of the marketing portal, Audio Service offers its network of acousticians a successful all-round package for modern, local marketing. We are very happy to be working with Audio Service and are looking forward to a successful future together.

Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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