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Always the latest data at hand: The use of external data sources in the marketing portal

Regardless of whether it is product information, descriptions or company data in a company, large amounts of data accumulate every day, which must be managed and made accessible. In order to pass this amount of data on to the individual employees, partners and users, some companies use individual databases, PIM systems, Excel files, etc. to manage this data in a media-neutral manner. Thanks to efficient data maintenance, employees can always access the latest versions of the data and use them in various media. These data sources can also be used to automatically fill third-party systems (e.g. shop systems, etc.) or to create brochures and catalogs.

Amount of data and organization

The biggest problem in many companies and organizations is that data is not stored uniformly and in a central location, but decentralized. Important information is often stored on different stationary computers and information has to be laboriously requested and forwarded. In addition, this data is often available in different formats or even in different languages. This complicates the workflow and, above all, the processes in the creation of marketing materials that rely on this data. In some cases, information can be lost, or it is stored several times in different locations. To avoid this inefficient and expensive way of working, classification systems in the form of databases or Excel files help to structure the data volumes.

Easy handling with one data source

The great advantage of databases is a media-neutral data acquisition and the often location-independent access to the data in real time. This central, mostly web-based storage means that the data can be accessed by different users at different locations and regardless of the time of day. This leads to significantly more efficient and less error-prone work processes that save costs and resources. In addition, the data can usually be called up in various formats and forwarded directly to third-party systems such as web shops or marketing portals using interfaces.

External data sources and the Local Brand X marketing portal

Using a data source API, external data sources can be linked directly to the Local Brand X marketing portal. This means that all data stored in these systems can also be called up in the marketing portal and can be used to create advertising material. For example, when creating product catalogs or brochures, retailers can integrate the product information directly using the linked data source. Only the selected products are selected in the customization and images, descriptions and all the information required for the product appear automatically in the preview. The regular transmission of the data guarantees that the partners and dealers always have access to the latest product data and use it for their local marketing. For you and your dealers (and partners) a correct, error-free and simple process of creating advertising material can be guaranteed, no matter how many products a company offers. Does that sound interesting to you too? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


Yannik von Local Brand X
Yannik Bockius

Managing Director

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