Local Brand X and Melle Gallhoefer

Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH relies on marketing optimization with Local Brand X

After the companies Melle and Gallhöfer merged to form Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH at the beginning of 2018, they are now the leading medium-sized specialist dealer for roofs and facades in Germany. Melle Gallhöfer stands for many years of expertise and specialist knowledge from two companies, which are represented together with around 50 locations in Germany. The company is now taking the next step together with Local Brand X and optimizing the internal marketing processes by using the Local Marketing Platform.
Via the Local Brand X Local Marketing Platform, employees at the various locations can individualize and order marketing materials and purchase simple advertising material. In this way, the company supports the individual branches in their local marketing and in the implementation of the joint marketing strategy.

One company and two brands at around 50 locations

The special feature of Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH is that the individual locations still carry the Melle or Gallhöfer brands despite the merger. Each former company continues to have its own corporate branding and wants to be recognized as such. In addition, the individual branches themselves work on their own local marketing, manage the entries in digital business directories and address local customers with advertising measures. The challenge for using software for marketing optimization was to unite the two former companies and brand images and to support the individual partners in the branches. The Local Marketing Platform offers the necessary software support to operate target-oriented local marketing and to work on a uniform brand perception.

The Local Marketing Platform for Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH

By using the Local Marketing Platform, Melle Gallhöfer can not only meet special requests with its own range, but also enable individual marketing for the individual locations. By using the Local Marketing Platform, users can create their own advertising material such as flyers, brochures or posters using templates and adapt them to their own wishes. The central marketing department provides the templates for this and manages the general campaign planning, while the locations are responsible for implementation and ordering. The Local Marketing Platform is structured in such a way that the user chooses at the beginning whether advertising material should be created, produced or ordered for the Melle brand or the Gallhöfer brand. This means that advertising material for both brands and their corporate design specifications can be created in one system. In addition to the classic web-to-print functions, stock items and promotional gifts, such as B. cups, pens or ashtrays can be obtained directly from the platform. Through the integration of the local listing area, the individual locations are also able to manage and optimize all digital business directories and reviews up-to-date via the Local Marketing Platform.

We look forward to the future cooperation with Melle Gallhöfer Dach GmbH and look to a successful future and optimized local marketing together.

Nisa Wielvers
Nisa Wielvers

Marketing Managerin

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